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Unit 1. Nutrition I.


The human body is like an amazing machine with many piece that work together.


In this unit, we are going to study digestive system and respiratory system. 193 more words

Ancient Roman Culture

Ancient Roman culture was a very interesting time to learn about. The Roman people seemed to enjoy parties, bathhouses, food, and really anything that made there lives better. 326 more words



One of my goals for the current school year is increasing classroom engagement. Last year being my first year, I was happy to just have covered all of the material. 407 more words

Middle School Teacher

Class #1 September 21, 2016

Again, sorry for taking so long to get this written and posted. It’s just been a busy week.

We kicked off the 6th grade CCD year with a good class last week. 389 more words

Religious Education

Welcome to 6th grade!

Good morning!

Sorry I have been a little delayed getting posted in a timely fashion this year. I’ll try to do better. Here is our introductory letter, which you should have seen already. 536 more words

Religious Education

Roman Homes

Where you lived in Rome was greatly affected by the amount of money you had. Poor people and rich people had huge lifestyle differences and it was mostly affected by their homes. 201 more words


Friday, September 23, 2016


  • Lesson 2.1.1 How can I represent data? Problem # 2-3 and 2-4 as well as  R&P 2-6 through 2-10 all parts
  • Lesson 2.1.2 How else can I represent data?  
  • 88 more words
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