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Car 54, Where Are You? Recap


You may ask why we would even care to delve deep into what is essentially just dog poo in our faces… why? Because it’s what we do. 1,312 more words


Six Word Saturdays

Dancing does not build muscle mass???

That is what my doctor claims.

But I still feel my arms from the arm work on my dancing class this morning.

Another 48 Hrs. Recap


What?! Just as Jack Cates is about to close in on a drug kingpin he’s been tracking for years, it turns out his old friend Reggie Hammond is primed to be the kingpin’s next victim. 1,425 more words


Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 Recap


What?! Baby geniuses are back, Jack! Bobbin’s World daycare/preschool has hit it big and ready to launch a multimedia empire with media mogul Bill Biscane. 1,356 more words


Baby Geniuses Recap


What?! A multinational baby product company, BabyCo, has started experimenting on babies to discover advanced learning techniques. As a control they’ve separated twins, Sly and Whit, to prove the method works. 1,187 more words


Six Word saturdays

Love it, glue stains and all.

My very first experience in japanese book binding. Feeling pretty proud of the result, despite all the mistakes I made.

Six Word Saturday....

Six Word Saturday

Thanks to Cate for this idea.    This roughly describes what I’m up to, today….

“….. making fancy pillows from wedding gown……..”

It’s not my wedding gown – I never had a flouncy posh wedding gown!   131 more words