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Six Word Saturday

The bears are reading the newspapers

I have been teaching Danish these last 2 weeks with an app I installed on my tablet. I am going to Greenland with a friend and I always like to at least  be able to ask for food and drink and say I do not eat sugar. 80 more words

Six word saturday

All this garlic… Vampires will flee …

Living on my own, I am often annoyed when I go to the supermarket. Everything is sold in huge quantities. 56 more words

Spring is just around the corner

Over the past few afternoons and evenings it has felt like Spring has almost arrived. The Spring flowers are beginning to appear, the bats and Swallows are out in the evenings and locals and tourists alike are enjoying the sunset strolls. 91 more words


Six word saturday

Vegging out today. Really needed it.

Six word Saturday

Such powerful voices. Gives me chills…

An unexpected surprise in Tavira yesterday

As you will know from previous posts we love visiting Tavira. It is such a pretty town, and when we have visitors we almost always take them there. 253 more words