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Never Mind Jack And The Beanstalk

See what I grew from a handful of bean seeds – four pounds of shelled Field Beans from one square metre of raised bed (excuse the mixed metrification). 479 more words

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Six word Saturday

As transient as a reflected image

I hate goodbyes.  The weekend in Nottingham with my daughter came and went all too swiftly. Transient, you might say.   41 more words


Where would I be this weekend?

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix is on in the streets of Baku this weekend.  I loved the mix of old and modern in Baku and the friendliness of the people of Azerbaijan, and very much wish I was there for the Grand Prix.   173 more words

Six Word Saturday

The Mummy (2017) Recap


Second BMT Live! of the year and we got a good jump on the new Dark Universe franchise. Not as sexy, embarrassing, or unintentionally hilarious as Fifty Shades Darker, but still got some things to say. 1,359 more words


Can You Have Too Many Strawberries? [Six Word Saturday]

Up at the allotment the strawberries are cropping like crazy. Two weeks in (and despite having only a new, and quite small bed) we are a bit overwhelmed. 90 more words

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Godsend Recap


Godsend! Part of the technothriller triumvirate with Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace and Ghost in the Machine. Get it? God, Man, and the (Holy) Ghost. 1,328 more words