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Six word saturdays

Cried even at a strangers’ wedding

Today our choir was singing 2 songs at a wedding, the first one was a surprise for the bride and groom, so we were sitting among the guests and when I saw the bride coming up the aisle , her face all lit up with happiness, and the face of the groom looking at her so lovingly, I felt the years coming to my eyes.
Gets me every time.

Six word saturday

Concert today, concert tomorrow… No rest.


ANOTHER WEEK, another batch of six word stories fresh off the press, the snacks of the story world (calorie free). Have a read, see what you like of the antithesis to thick books. 46 more words


Six word saturday

Two matches. What now? Awkward silence.

So I got two matches at the speed dating on saturday, which made me feel really good. Got their email adresses from the organizer on tuesday and since then, nothing. 39 more words

Small, energetic birds which flit by

You know the ones you see out of the corner of your eye, or chirp away in the tree above you but cannot be seen. Saw and heard quite a few of these in early April and even managed to photograph six of them.  684 more words

Bird Watching


     THIS WEEKS SIX word stories are a mish-mash of no particular topic, frequently the mental spewings of late night thoughts on Tumblr.

Spent seven years fixing broken mirror. 33 more words


Six word saturday

AC/DC concert really close to home

Good thing I went out, the concert was over when I came back home. Didn’t have to deal with the noise.