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6 word saturdays

Saw the rings of Saturn tonight

And the moon craters.

And a double star from the constelation of the swan.

Thanks to the summer science activities from the foundation for science and technology

I have been mulling over things

All sorts of things from phone upgrades, to the best way to handle difficult persons, to options for future care, to the best way to get from A to B, to thinking  how amazing the word mull is with its six definitions all from different stems! 72 more words

Six Word Saturday

Finally we spotted a Tringa erythropus

According to the excellent Aves de Portugal website and the Tourist Information Birdwatching guide the Tringa Erythropus are common in the Formosa estuary. However it was months before we spotted these shy birds, and even when we did we only saw one. 405 more words


Six word saturdays

Held a starfish in my hand

Wanted to post the picture but there must have been a problem with the camera card, so I lost most of todays pics. 6 more words


ONE, TWO, THREE, four, five, six. The weekly six is here once more, this time serving up a slightly more poetic vibe with the expected horror element still lurking. 41 more words


Six word saturday 

Went for dinner. Restaurant was closed.

The whole building was being renovated. Luckily there was another restaurant close by where I could grab a quick dinner before our singing final show.

Butterflies in my stomach…