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6 word saturdays

Nothing beats a night out dancing

Big Momma: Like Father Like Son Recap


What?! Big Momma’s back! Uh… again! Malcolm Turner is once again the FBI’s #1 cop. While staking-out a big time mobster, Malcolm is surprised by his stepson Trent, who witnesses a murder. 1,033 more words


Big Momma's House 2 Recap


What?! Big Momma is back! Just when it seemed like Malcolm Turner had settled down and was out of the game for good, he’s drawn back in for one last case. 1,048 more words


6 Word Saturdays

Pustules and tumors. Unusual museum indeed.

Today’s drawing session was in a hospital museum where they keep casts made in the 19th century of the tumors and pustules from patients suffering from syphilis among other illness. 72 more words

Six word Saturdays

Concert in Lisbon tomorrow. Rare event.

Our choir seldom does concerts in our own city. We are always being invited to concerts in other towns, but this time are the hosts, in the convent where se have our rehearsals.

Independence Day: Resurgence Recap


First post of the new year and we get to dive into a holiday classic. Happy New Year everyone and Happy Fourth of Joooool-eye! 1,262 more words

Cycle: 2016