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Six word Saturdays

Drawing the cemetery?! Got a permit?

Yes, apparently you need an authorisation to draw or take pictures in a cemetery.
Luckily we got a pass because as the teacher said, any resemblance to reality was pure coincidence.

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Six word Saturday

Would anyone like a marmalade sandwich?

I had my annual Christmas jaunt to Newcastle-on-Tyne this week, and a date with a very engaging character, in Fenwick’s shop window. 80 more words


Wetlands was undeniably the perfect name

on cold, wet and windy Thursday

But the sun emerged late afternoon

Now over to all of you. Do come and join us in our Saturday six-word musings. 131 more words


The Space Between Us Recap


Gardner is a teenager born on Mars and unable to go to Earth for fear his body can’t handle it. When he connects with a girl on Earth, Tulsa, and finds information about his father he insists it’s time to return “home.” Can he fall in love and find his dad before it’s (literally) too late? 1,643 more words


Rings Recap


Samara is back, Jack! Holt is off to college leaving behind his girlfriend Julia. When he stops answering her calls she races to campus to find that he’s watched the Ring video for a research project. 1,750 more words


The Ring Two Recap


Samara is back, Jack! Following the events of the first film, Rachel and Aiden Keller move to Oregon to start anew. It’s not long though before the rapidly spreading video virus finds them again and Aiden is possessed by Samara hoping to regain a physical form. 1,742 more words