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Six Word Saturdays

An afternoon with the urban sketchers.

Six word saturday

Bird watching: quite fun after all

Oops that wasn't meant to happen!

For anyone who noticed apologies I think I need to go back to blogging school! If though you didn’t and I caught it in time then a big smile from me and please do come back tomorrow :-D

Six Word Saturday

6 word saturdays

Saw the rings of Saturn tonight

And the moon craters.

And a double star from the constelation of the swan.

Thanks to the summer science activities from the foundation for science and technology

I have been mulling over things

All sorts of things from phone upgrades, to the best way to handle difficult persons, to options for future care, to the best way to get from A to B, to thinking  how amazing the word mull is with its six definitions all from different stems! 72 more words

Six Word Saturday