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Hey Y'all, It's Windy Out There!

You know it’s windy when our covered swing, which was ‘parked’ flat up against the house gets uprooted. The wind sounds like a freight train going through the tree tops. 62 more words


Six Word Saturday

Indonesian delicacies to spice up life ♥ 

Tonight I’m going over to my friend Nancy. Can you guess what’s for dinner? ;)

Have a yum weekend!


Six Word Saturday

Spreading a whiff of spring feeling

Have a light Saturday.


{6WS} 1.17.15

When darkness falls, you haunt me.

(I’m sorry I’m so behind on comments and reading everyone’s blogs.  I’ll try to catch up, I promise.)

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Six Word Saturday

Crying over Extreme Makeover Home Editions

I know, I know… but I just can’t help myself. It’s a good cry though. ;)

Have an extreme Saturday.


6WS : 1/10/2015

Freedom trumps fear in Paris, France.

I stand with you and raise my voice with yours:  We are NOT afraid!!!

Six Words Can Say a Lot:  … 25 more words