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This little man has half my heart...

I know what you’re probably thinking at this moment. “Why not whole?” Right? Well, if you missed my last post, I am currently with child and its only fair to evenly distribute it and make room for his baby sister and or brother. 135 more words


I'm so happy.

That you still carry that letter I wrote you 6 years ago in your wallet.

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My Time Capsule

This post is a bit different from the others. It has some of my drawings but these are very special drawings.

I went to my parents house last weekend and for my surprise my mother had found my first school notebook. 132 more words


Merry Mester Christmas!

Peyton ran into our room about 6:30 this morning whispering ‘Mommy, Daddy, I think Santa was here! I saw a whole bunch of stuff!’ we let him lay down with us to wait on Jayden to wake up but it didn’t work. 219 more words


Christmas Eve | 2011

Peyton and Jayden were excited it was Christmas Eve, and that each of them got emails from Santa this morning. (they were sent from The Portable North Pole… 253 more words


Christmas Boys

Peyton and Jayden were being especially cute today so I thought I would take advantage and take a few pictures of them. I am HORRIBLE at indoor pictures but I thought I would try anyway. 33 more words


Kindergarten Christmas Party!

Jayden and I went to Peyton’s school early to see Jason, when we got there Peyton was in the gym having PE with his class. it was so funny to watch them play their games. 101 more words