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The Ups and Downs of Book Covers

The first major frustration I ran into in the past couple of months was cover art problems. I found an amazing cover artist for the first book in my series, but he has a day job, so he couldn’t drop everything and create the covers for my short stories. 442 more words

7 Evil Dwarves

Publishing My First Novel, Using CreateSpace

Publishing a novel really does take an entire team, or a writer willing to learn a lot of new skills. Recently, I published my first novel (which is available for pre-order): … 411 more words


Reading as a Writer

When I first started writing, I never thought it’d impact the way I read to quite the extent that it has. But it did. Now, I find there are books I absolutely cannot stand, simply because of the way they’re written… novels that, as just a reader, might not seem that bad. 332 more words

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Steps to Self Publishing

Everyone will have a different experience when it comes to publishing. Some of this will be determined by the route they want to follow:

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The world is not all black and white, at least not for every author. There are those authors who see a whole spectrum of grey, and try to create fascinating characters who exist in this grey zone. 256 more words

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Creating Interesting Characters: Part 2 By Tara Rane

I love book and movie characters with surprising twists (see my latest blog post about this at www.tararane.com). In my opinion, the best kind of characters are complex and anything but stereotypical. 468 more words

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Exploiting Weaknesses

Last week, I talked about the character worksheet I created based on reading Writing with Emotion, Tension, and Conflict by Cheryl St. John. I focused on the motivation part of the worksheet, but I didn’t forget the other, equally important, aspects to creating an amazing character. 386 more words

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