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We Get to Choose

Let’s talk about choices.

Has this ever happened to you 🙋🙋🙋
You’re watching Netflix when you feel hungry wander into the kitchen while texting or going through the scroll, you grab the first convenient thing in the cupboard, bring it back to the coach, continue watching Netflix, munching a long and before you know it you’ve spent 2 hours watching mindless television and your hand has just reached the end of the chips/crisps bag …. 324 more words


This Post is Wobbly

August 15, 2017 v4 p31

When you aren’t standing firmly on all of your bases, your life gets a little wobbly.  Lately I’ve noticed that I haven’t been firm on all four of my basis, and it has become noticeable. 1,218 more words


Lord of the Flies or Fear Creates What It Tries to Defend Against

I look at what is happening in Charlottesville right now and I am having flashbacks to Lord of the Flies. Today during an attempted press conference, I suspect the mob would have killed the leader of the White Supremacy movement if the police hadn’t taken him away.  1,477 more words

7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

5 Habits of Rich People

What is a habit? A habit is something you do daily without thinking much about it. Habits can be extremely useful and it would be impossible to run our lives without them. 497 more words


 My Mission Statement 

A Mission Statement is a statement that describes one’s core values. It describes what one wants to achieve , the person one strives to be. It helps people to find a reason to exist, it helps to find a meaning, a focus. 364 more words


This Post is Selfish

July 13, 2017 v4 p27

Whether it’s in someone’s personal or professional life most people are always looking out for one thing.  Usually that one thing is themselves, but that usually isn’t what gets the best results. 1,121 more words


Book Summary 2 - 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Key Insights

Do stuff to actively plan your daily life towards your future

What do I want people to say at my funeral? align goals to that… 170 more words

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