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2J Leadership Award!

Yesterday Jessica also got an IREC Leadership Award for showing leadership by beginning with the end in mind.  Before Jessica begins any project, she thinks about what she wants it to look like and almost always has a plan before starting.   27 more words


2J Leadership Awards!

Three students from 2J got Leadership Awards today:

Miji got an award for showing leadership by being proactive during  class time and out on the playground.   116 more words


My Lesson in 7 Habits

Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend a class in the 7 Habits® of Highly Effective People. It’s a book that been wanting to, so I was excited to see my company offered the class. 334 more words

7 Habits

Computer Programming

I’m taking a beginner course in computer programming so that I understand it well enough to help my son take the same course in the future. 703 more words


Kebiasaan Membaca Buku

Reading a book is just like having my mind traveled all around the world

Sering saya bilang kalau saya suka membaca buku, salah satu hobi saya, walaupun sekarang ini jarang banget baca buku (bukunya Mas Jampang sampai sekarang saja belum selesai – nebeng di tas aja dari kemarin).

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7 Habits

2J Leadership Awards!

Last week we had 2 students from 2J that received our IREC Leadership Awards! 114 more words

7 Habits (Part 1) - Be in charge, Have a plan

Today we talked about the 2 habits introduced to us previously during our assembly with our vice-principals.

The 2 habits are:

1) Be in charge. (Being proactive. 114 more words

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