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7 Habits of Happy People

We all have two dimensions:

  • One that we show to others
  • One that is only known to us

We assume that if the dimension which we show to others, the outward self, has everything then we will be happy. 2,686 more words

7 Habits

kill your hatred, love is all you need

Waleed Aly, an Australian news presenter, has hit out on politicians and Muslim leaders who have preached “hate” in the wake of the Paris attacks, saying their actions actually help Islamic State rather than defeat them. 253 more words

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Habit 5 and Searching for Common Ground

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to disagree with someone?   Rarely do we see the world exactly the same way as those around us which makes the art of considering the perspective of others so important.   496 more words


Thursday Philosophy

How would you really enjoy spending your life if money was no object? Thanks Georgie for introducing me to Alan Watts. Be the change you want to see… I’ll give it a shot…


My Mission Statement (7 Habits)

I’ve been reading the book ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen Covey lately. I’ve heard about it many times in the past but never really thought much of it. 521 more words

Life changing books - 7 habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

There are some books you read, learn and remember for some time. But there are few books, which you will keep it as a treasure and keep on learning every time you read it. 950 more words

7 Habits