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I dream of Idris Elba, and a new series of Luther

Idris Elba asked me a question – What do you want to be when you grow up? (It’s a video, you can watch it…)

Today of all days, that’s a great question to ask yourself. 342 more words

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1st habit: Be proactive

Whether you know it ore not, your life doesn’t just happen. It’s carefully designed by you. It’s your walk on the earth.

When you try to be proactive, you try to be responsible for your own life. 187 more words

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7 Habits

Stephen Covey was the man who wrote about “The seven habits of highly effective people”. His book was first published in 1989. Since that moment 25 million copies are sold in 38 languages. 89 more words
Pathways To Youtwork

I am Not useless because..

-I have hope
-I still have a job
-I still wake up every morning

This is a challenge I made for my new “habits study”, which is where I will read the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens and do challenges, this challenge is specifically called ” Paradigm Shift”, where I take a “Paradigm” or a bad opinion/negative self talk and counter it i n some way

7 Habits

Habit 3 Put First Things First

Have you ever tried to do something but you don’t do it in time? That’s why you should use Habit 3 Put first things first. 192 more words

7 Habits

More Ways Than One

A lot of people want to be successful in life? Right? If they want to be successful, they must use the 1st habit, Be Proactive. Being Proactive means getting things done. 139 more words

7 Habits

Book Review: The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave is a book about aliens invading earth. In this book, the humans have to use many of the Seven Habits to survive. … 150 more words

7 Habits