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Take action or die!

“A lobster when left high and dry among the rocks, has not instinct and energy enough to work his way back to the sea, but waits for the sea to come to him. 73 more words

7 Habits

Paradigms & Principles

Success: a word that has just as many definitions as many other words in the dictionary. Depending on who you ask, how you ask, and when you ask someone, their definition will be different. 566 more words

Rodrigo Afanador

The influence equation

I was introduced with a theory in 2007 by an employee of a large corporation who was speaking about implementing change with Franchise owners. As business consultants we only had influence to change behaviors and this theory was a new way for me to look at helping Franchise owners. 904 more words

7 Habits

Goal! Stephen Covey

Dr.Stephen R. Covey is one of the legends in self-development industry. In his famous book, ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, Dr. Covey offers profound and deep insights that can help us achieve our goal and success in our life. 40 more words

On Learning

Back to basics.

“The self-explorer, whether he wants to or not, becomes the explorer of everything else.” Elias Canetti

Which is why I spent today clearing out my ‘office’ (small captured, invaded and annexed small bedroom) of a LOT of personal development material. 370 more words


Creating 2D Shapes and 3D Solids!

We have begun a new math unit, 2D Shapes and 3D Solids!  Constructing shapes and solids is so much fun!  We created overlapping Shape Collages in art the other day, and they turned out beautifully!   78 more words


Culture ... a strong foundation, lots of sprinkles and a few nuts

As CBE has grown our Organizational Development (OD) department has focused on how to make sure the culture we have built in our corporate office transcends time and space.  303 more words