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“Does He Sleep Through The Night?”

More often than not, I’m asked if bub has graduated to sleeping through the night.

Whatever that means.

By 6 months of age, a baby is typically able to go eight or more hours without a feeding in the middle of the night (according to doctors and almost every parenting site out there). 149 more words


Seriously? Sciatica?: A venting session

Somehow this happened last year. Around Halloween I dropped off the face of the planet on my blog. And while that hasn’t quite happened this time, I’ve reached a weird point. 337 more words


Picture it. Rochester. 2017.

Picture it. Rochester. 2017.

There’s a 7-month old child lying on the couch in front of you with the meanest stare ever, contemplating on whether she should kick you again or not. 538 more words

7 day Exercise Experiment for Sustaining a Positive Mental Health.

Hello my lovelies,

If you read my blog post yesterday then you would know that everything has been going really well for me at the moment. 478 more words


10 Things on a Friday

I’ve been more quiet than usual lately, even with my Strong Mom posts. While once a week seemed like too often to post about Lady Jr, once a month doesn’t feel like enough. 574 more words