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Sleep Training

This past week was really rough on J and I. Ben would scream his little head off, we’d run in, pick him up, either nurse or rock him to sleep, and then try to put him back in his crib. 558 more words



I am a zombie. My baby is turning me into a zombie.

Sunday night, J and I got <5 hours of sleep.

Monday night, J and I got <4 hours of sleep. 298 more words


Month 7

Dear Benjamin,
You are now 7 months old! I can hardly believe how big you are and how much you’re growing. Babyhood really does fly by, and while I’m a teensy bit sad that time is flying by so much, I’m also amazed at the little boy you’re becoming. 926 more words


Did I say I was tired? Eh sleep is for wimps..

I have no idea what’s going on with my almost 8 month old. Like seriously! Why won’t he sleep? I thought it was teething and those 2 teeth came down so what’s up now? 408 more words


To be loved by Henry

A glimpse at what it’s like to be loved by my sweet boy ❤

New Baby

7 Month Old Daily Schedule

Baby is getting bigger and bigger by the day! He can now crawl and is attempting to stand. He can go from laying to sitting position. 131 more words


Being a Mommy: 7 Months In

So apparently my preconceived notions of finding time each month to write eloquently about my perfect child were shattered. The last time I posted in here, Hannah was about 2 months old. 1,410 more words