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Happy 7 Months!

I forgot what it was like to be hyper-vigilant of every rock, twig and leaf on the ground…but rest assured, if it’s there, you’ll find it. 1,072 more words

Breastfeeding vs Formula...

I am not here to start a debate. As long as the little baba is fed I don’t care how you do it (apart from meet the fockers style…!) it’s more the way it’s referred to that bothers me and makes me feel a tad sad. 143 more words

Man arrested for shooting a 7-month-old boy


Authorities have arrested a central New York man who claims a loaded shotgun he was holding discharged accidentally when he tried to stand up, striking and killing a 7-month-old boy. 102 more words


7 months old

I’m always amazed by the passage of time – specifically how fast it goes when you’re watching your children grow up. H is now 7 months old, and fast leaving babyhood behind. 583 more words


Last Week

Apart from Monday last week was quite sunny and dry, so we we’ve been out and about quite a lot. Here are a few photos of what Lana and I’ve been up to :) 234 more words


My Big Little Girl

It is crazy how time flies when you watch your children grow. My little girl is now 7 months old. 7 months! I didn’t expect her to be so “big” already – I thought I would have that little helpless baby to care for for a bit longer. 585 more words


Anastasia's seven month update:

So we’re closer to one than birth now. Think of that for a minute. The time goes by so fast.

What’s new? Anastasia is beginning to use ASL. 281 more words