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(7QT) Momma Mentors


Whoa! I haven’t done 7 Quick Takes Friday in a looooooooong time. I had to search Conversion Diary up and down, scratching my head until I found the post where she bequeathed this awesome blogging link-up to… 1,737 more words


Do you tape socks to your walls?

Its Friday! 7 Quick Takes day! Where would I be without 7 QT? Its so much easier to put my useless dribble into bullet point form. 777 more words

7 Quick Takes

Quick Takes Monday: Being Thankful

I missed Quick Takes Friday, but there’s always room for a Quick Takes Monday, seeing as I had half a post written. I thought today I’d do something different for the 7 Quick Takes blog hop, and take a moment in prayer to think about things for which I am thankful in the type of life I lead. 547 more words

General Observations On Life

Walmart buns are the worst.

Here I am just stalking Kelly’s blog again and linking up with 7 Quick Takes!…

1~I am currently in the middle of several projects which include the yard, chalk painting a desk, finishing off a minor bathroom reno, and switching out my children’s clothes to the appropriate size/season (all the very firsts of first world problems). 599 more words

7 Quick Takes

7QT~ The time I lived in a men's dorm for 3 years...

Linking up with Kelly again for 7 Quick Takes (7QT). I will just keep doing this on Friday’s until she tells me I can’t anymore. 800 more words

7 Quick Takes

RunnerCache Wrap: March 2016. And Lent... {7qt}

I’m linking up with This Ain’t the Lyceum today!  And be sure to check out my latest RunnerCaching Fred post, where I give you a rundown on some of the geocaches along one section of the Virginia Central Railway Trail. 1,078 more words

Friday, Friday (7 QT)

Linking up with Kelly! (I say that with such confidence, as though I do this all time or something. What I should actually be doing is apologizing to Kelly for marring her blog with a link by a person named “Mary Big Hair”). 494 more words

7 Quick Takes