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7 Quick Takes #69

Here’s a good old-fashioned 7 Quick Takes with an assortment of tidbits on life around here.

  1.  I was recognized by a blog reader!  Our local Catholic women’s group met for pizza and drinks after 5:30 pm Mass to celebrate the Assumption on the 15th. 
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About Amina (7 Quick Takes #68)

I know that many of you would like to know more about Amina, so I decided to do a 7 Quick Takes post about her. 692 more words

7QT: Summer Rundown Edition

I’m told that the best way to start writing again after not writing and not writing and not writing is just to write. I’m hoping this is true, because it’s what I’m going to do. 901 more words

7 Quick Takes

7 Lame Homemaker Thoughts

Joining in with Kelly for Seven Quick Takes, this week featuring homemaking thoughts that would make posts too boring for even me!

  1. I would shift all my brand loyalty to a liquid laundry detergent with a cap whose lines could actually be detected by the naked human eye.
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7 Quick Takes: Hello from my backyard

Hello!  Blogging always brings me joy.  It is one of my goals this summer to blog more.  So far I’ve blogged . . . . once.  351 more words

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A very special 7 Quick Takes (7QT #67)

This is the post that many of you have been waiting for!

  1.  Meet our new daughter, Amina Noelle.  Amina was her name before adoption; we kept it as her first name and gave her a middle name that we chose. 
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Adoption Update

7 Quick Takes #66

Okay, so I wrote all of the following and then went to link up and realized that 7 Quick Takes isn’t happening this week because of Memorial Day.  1,010 more words