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Orphan hosting report #1 (7 Quick Takes)

We picked up Valentine (the 10-year-old orphan from Eastern Europe we’re hosting for the summer, not his real name) from the airport on Tuesday afternoon, on our way back from a two-night trip to Ontario in our RV. 1,092 more words

Why Next Year Will be the Best Year of Homeschooling Yet (7 Quick Takes Friday #24)

I decided to do a themed 7 Quick Takes this week: “Why Next Year Will be the Best Year of Homeschooling Yet” (or, “Why I Think Homeschooling Peter Will Work This Time When I Gave Up in Frustration and Enrolled Him in School in March Two Years Ago”). 986 more words


7 Quick Takes Friday #23

  1. A hospital hand-out on “Laceration Care, Pediatric” was not on my reading list for the week, but unfortunately, it was thrust upon me.  After a delicious Mother’s Day dinner of chicken marsala cooked by my husband, we decided to go for a family walk/bike ride.  
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7 Quick Takes Friday #22

  1. I may be in the minority here, but I actually like Monday mornings.  It’s a relief to get back to the routine and structure of weekdays after the relative lack of structure on the weekends.  
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It's been a while...

Since it’s been almost two months since I was last consistently writing, let’s catch up a bit!

  • Here is what I’ve been reading lately–I will give you another update next month.  
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7 Quick Takes Friday #21

  1. I haven’t done a 7 Quick Takes post since 2013 (not since it moved from Conversion Diary to This Ain’t the Lyceum), but today is the day I decided to jump back into it.
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Quick Takes {January Edition}

1. Ice Skating

Early in January, right before my sister returned to school in CA, she and my brother and their significant others, did the very auntie uncle task of taking the big kids Ice Skating. 712 more words