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7 Quick Takes #41

It’s been a busy week with real progress towards our adoption of “Valentine”, the 10-year-old boy we hosted over the summer, and some quality family time. 803 more words

7 Quick Takes #40

  1.  Our social worker gave us a verbal approval at our final home study meeting on Wednesday.  Hooray!  (Not that I was worried about being approved, but it’s taken a lot of work to get to this point.)  Now she needs to write up the actual home study. 
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7 Quick Takes: 7 Weeks Into Police Preschool

I’m linking up again with This Ain’t the Lyceum for a 7 Quick Takes to celebrate having finished seven weeks of Police Preschool.

  1. Pleasingly Flopped Field Trips…
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7 Quick Takes #39

  1.  Today marks one month since we said good-bye to “Valentine” (not his real name), the 10-year-old boy from Eastern Europe that we hosted for the summer. 
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7 Quick Takes #38

  1.  Our Hearts for Valentine adoption fundraiser information is now online.  For the last two weeks, I promised I would get to it soon, and I finally got it done. 
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7 Quick Take Friday: On blogging, Image, and Trying not to Fizzle Out

I feel like every time I do one of these quick take Friday updates, it’s mainly because I want to tell all my readers out there: 1,242 more words

7 Quick Takes

Friday Flotsum

  1. So, my plans to blog more often have been flogging a little. See, I actually have some stress / emotional problems that I’m working through, so my resolutions don’t always translate to reality.
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