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BREAKING: There Goes Alaska! Many 6M+ Quakes + Same South of Japan


New batch of Alaska quakes – not near Mosquito Lake – but way out in the Bering Sea –

SOUTH JAPAN AREA:    – –  … 49 more words

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Looking for France's rad waste in Flamanville

. . . with GoogleEarth

Fukushima’s rad waste has been in the news and after dwelling on that yesterday we thought we’d try the same GoogleEarth tour for France that worked so well in Japan. 162 more words

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The Syria Attack They Wish to Hide

LINK –  http://youtu.be/Xkj3j5QyN3k

With the war in Syria heading for an uncertain destiny we look back at how it began https://t.co/xN3BTQjqAe pic.twitter.com/DJ4GqML6JH

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) April 4, 2017

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On March 6 DPRK Asked the UN Security Council to put US nuke war drills and stockpiles on the Agenda to PREVENT NUCLEAR WAR

Pyongyang, March 27 (KCNA) --

“A letter and statements of the DPRK were distributed as an official document A/71/843-S/2017/192 of the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council on March 25. 212 more words

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