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Gas Pipeline Blows Up in Hangzhou, China

Gas pipeline eruption in Hangzhou sends ‘rotten egg’ smoke 20 storeys high

“There were fears that a larger fire or explosion would occur with the amount of natural gas billowing out. 40 more words

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2 Chemical Plant Explosions in France in July

French police investigate chemical plant explosions

The incident occurred near a military base where grenades and explosives were stolen last week.

MARSEILLE , France, July 15 (UPI) — 143 more words

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Breaking - NEW Explosion in China, at Dongfu

UPI – Explosion rocks China chemical plant 10 days after Tianjin catastrophe

DONGFU, SHANDONG, China, Aug. 22 (UPI) — Less than two weeks after catastrophic explosions leveled an industrial district in Tianjin, China, … 90 more words

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N./S. Korea Tension Escalates

BIG DEADLINE  (scroll down)

Aug. 20 –

DPRK: “Foolhardy provocation deserves harsh punishment.”

Aug. 20 –

Risk of escalation between North and South Korea will rise following shelling incident: IHS… 398 more words

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Gray Smoke Engulfs Fukushima

On the Live Cams now –


Traffic cam  |   JNN/TBS cam

LINK – http://youtu.be/-rxj8xu1_Ck

The ENE-News discussion forum on the live cams has been hacked and so has the alternate thread cam watchers have been using.

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