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7 Large Quakes Rock the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

RSOE map

Many large earthquakes are around the world today including new activity in Nepal. But these 7 large quakes from 4.9 to 6.3M out in the Atlantic, between Brazil and Angola, are alarming.

7 Seas

About the April 28 Fire at Chernobyl – Still Raging

A large forest fire approaches the radioactive ruins of the Chernobyl nuclear plant.

Lots on new info and documents –


Dr. Leuren Moret has been reporting on it on… 46 more words

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7.9 Quake Rocks Nepal, Three Other M7+ Quakes in Region + Many M5-M6.9 Aftershocks

It was way more than one 7.9 big quake. The Watchers says it was 8.1M.

Screen shot from the RSOE map today –


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2015 - Quakes at Fukushima

May 12 – 6.8 quake in NE Japan – ABC report

April 25 – 6.0 quake offshore, SE from Tokyo – map

April 20 –  … 86 more words

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Super Danger to All When Meltdown Fuel Meets Groundwater in Japan

LINK –  http://youtu.be/CiihRRHfcPI

And just as bad – the west coast of North America is getting clobbered with radiation and it has contaminated the water. 20 more words

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Arctic Methane Emergency

Arctic Methane Emergency: Methane released by the Gigaton!

10 x the methane known on Earth today being released!

LINK –  http://youtu.be/8F9ed5E54s4

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