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US is FIRST! In Infant Mortality...

U.S. has highest first-day infant mortality out of industrialized world

A new report reveals that the United States has the highest first-day infant death rate out of all the industrialized countries in the world. 84 more words

7 Seas

US Terrur Ops in N. Africa Exposed! Big Time!

Press TV – ‘US may give anti-aircraft missiles to al-Qaeda’ – has video

“”The US has seemingly backed the so-called moderate rebels to attack the Syrian government forces since 2011 but the fact is that the American weapons have gone into the hands of terrorist groups,” Joe Iosbaker said on Saturday. 38 more words

7 Seas

S is for Sea

We all grew up hearing about the 7 Seas but there are many more than just the 7 from ancient times. There are also 5 ocean regions and within each ocean are many additional seas. 138 more words

September At The Shore