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S is for Sea

We all grew up hearing about the 7 Seas but there are many more than just the 7 from ancient times. There are also 5 ocean regions and within each ocean are many additional seas. 138 more words

September At The Shore

Plume-Gate on Early Obama Reaction to Fukushima

From Strontium Milks –
Obama Lied Said Fukushima Safe Take No Precautions Flies Family to Brazil

LINK –  http://youtu.be/Vd3zqd-IuD4

7 Seas

"Russia Did It!" MEME - started with CNN caught out by WikiLeaks in bed with DNC (UPDATE)

On this post we will add any new items planted by CF P.R. groups about how Russia is

  • interfering with the 2016 election
  • hacking will-nilly…
  • 404 more words

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Why the Massacre in France 4 Years Ago Simply Self-Destructed.

By Trowbridge H. Ford

Covert operations, especially assassinations, have a habit of being more complicated than they seem because of unexpected surprises, accidents, and mistakes, and the massacre of the al-Hilli family of Claygate, Surrey on September 5, 2012 is no different. 1,402 more words

7 Seas