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Story: Stop in Middle or Continue

Mau lanjut atau menyerahkah? 

Ketika kita memulai usaha, tentunya akan dihadapkan banyak hal yang harus dibereskan. Dan tak jarang hal tersebut membuat kita ingin menyerah dan akhirnya mengatakan: “Saya sudah gagal”.

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Here’s one that takes us right back to the 50’s.  My mother made a lot of Jello when I was growing up, and it’s not my favorite thing.  107 more words


35 Signs That Your Parents Are Immigrants

1. Their remedy for every health issue is to: A) drink a 7-Up; or B) take a shit.

2. When you were growing up, they would never let you sleep over at an American’s house. 853 more words

Crushed Can Collection

One of the main ideas for drawing is to capture the identity of what your drawing based of what it looks like or what you want the… 102 more words


Corner Book Store 1985

To heck with the snow, I found this snap last night which will compliment the B&W version I posted earlier…

©Matt Weber

(Street Photography)

Spirit Spotlight - Amaretto

Amaretto! The sweet almond liqueur. Loaded with sugary calories, it doesn’t always have to end up in a syrupy-sweet drink.

I’m using Disaronno here, which as it… 639 more words