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Embassy Cast Episode 12 - Special Guests Grace & Rui

You may think “But CBE, it looks like you’re just getting your friends who you board game with on your show as guests” but you’d be absolutely 100% correct because that is precisely what we’re doing. 294 more words

Board Games!

5/19/2015 - Gamemaster Games

Games Played: Rampage/Terror In Meeple City, 7 Wonders, No Thanks

We had a gaming newbie in the house last night.  His name was Tom and I’m fairly certain he’d never played a board game produced after 2000.   367 more words

Gamemaster Games

2015Q2 Week 3 Games

Three weeks are in the bag and there is no real meaningful separation. The lead is held by two after this week and it just happens to be the winner and runner up of the first season. 238 more words


Board Game Origins - Chapter 5: Dislikes & Likes (Part 2)

Hi everyone, my name’s Carl and in the Board Game Origins (BGO) series of posts I talk about how I got into the wonderful hobby that is tabletop gaming. 607 more words


7 Wonders

Been in the “new board game” phase the past few years. Next up on the list is 7 Wonders. The problem with finding unique and interesting board games is that they usually are more complicated. 150 more words

Board Game

2015Q2 Week 2 Games

So a few things happened this week. First and most importantly, Santiago relieved himself from this season because of some significant life changes happening for him. 166 more words


5/5/2015 - Gamemaster Games

Games Played: King of Tokyo, 7 Wonders, Legendary: Marvel

Started the night with Chuck teaching a brand new gamer what we believed to be his first game (non-Monopoly division).   768 more words

Legendary: Marvel