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The Game of Infinite Wonders

Hi all! Happy Hump-Day! I hope all has been going well for you hardworking folks out there.

I recently started teaching my parents how to play the board game 7 Wonders. 573 more words


Evergreen Titles - Entering the Board Game Realm

Trying to look for a board game, but not sure what to get next? Are you just now delving deeper than Sorry or Monopoly? Are you a board gamer looking to introduce your non-gamer friends to the glory of it all? 636 more words


Feeling Alive in the Dead Sea

So the Dead Sea isn’t really dead. In Hebrew, the sea is called “The Salt Sea” due to its high concentration of salt (around 37%). The Dead Sea gets its name from the high salt content which makes it a hostile environment for marine life; meaning no swimming with the fishes or dolphins in this sea! 330 more words


Travel Tips - Taj Mahal

Some tips that will be invaluable if you’re traveling to Agra to see the Taj Mahal.

  1. Get a driver – it’s normal! It may seem a little luxurious or spoiled to get yourself a driver, but it’s totally affordable.
  2. 467 more words

Board Game Review! 7 Wonders from Repos Production and Asmodee

Greetings Fellow Board Gamers!

The featured game for this week is easily one of my favorite games. We played 7 Wonders from Repos Production and… 3,556 more words