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What I Played Last Week (1/25/2016 - 1/31/2016)

Wednsday (1/27/2016):

Regular Wednesday meetup at Cool Stuf.

I want to say that this day was not as great as it could have been. I was a little stressed out because I was driving around all day, buying things and hoping to find a working Coin Star machine (I never did). 1,264 more words

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The eternal tribute to love

Love is the emotion which denies all reason, love is considered as the most beautiful primal emotion of humankind. Love can forge deep bonds between some people who you are not even related to each other. 454 more words

7 Wonders

Amphitheatre of a great Empire, Colosseum

Stadiums and theaters are famous for their visual treats in the form of competitions may it be a normal competition or something other. In ancient Rome there were competition held between people called Gladiators, they were generally criminals and convicts who were pitted against each other. 479 more words

7 Wonders

Repos Production: 7 Wonders Duel - Review

Publisher Repos Production Genre Card/Board Number of Players 2 (only) Play Time 30 minutes Initial Review Date 1/14/16 Last Updated 1/14/16 FAQ Rules Interactive 585 more words

7 Wonders- Over-rated?

I recently watched the Dice Tower list of over-rated games, and 1 game that kept showing up was 7 Wonders. They seemed to focus on the game being about card-drafting and how more card drafting games have come up. 167 more words

Because Few Things Are More Fun than Excavating Ancient Desert Civilizations (So Long As You’re Not Actually Dealing with Sandstorms and Sunstroke)

In which Emily encourages you to take a weekend to immerse yourself in all that’s new and exciting in the world of board games.

I’ve always liked board games. 1,008 more words

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