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The 7 Wonders of My Sock Drawer

  1. Sausage dog made from plastic cocktail sausages
  2. 7.35 in convertible pesos smuggled out of Cuba
  3. Piece of fool’s silver (balled-up aluminum foil)
  4. Journal with entries for January 1 through 3, 1997, remainder blank…
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Travel: Machu Picchu, Peru

Ah, behold one of the biggest wonders of the world! The mystical Machu Picchu. This was definitely a highlight of our trip to Peru, and something I’ve always wanted to see for myself in person. 557 more words


December 31st, 2017: A Game is a Game

Crew Members: Sarah B., Shlomo, Nechama, Zevvy, Orit, Anna

I’ll tag this as a holiday meeting, since there was an inyan to davka meet on the “K’ilu Rosh Hashana Shel Melachim Gregoriim”. 496 more words

Sentinels Of The Multiverse

A Break from Med School - Catedral de Sal de Zipaquira

Today I had the amazing opportunity of visiting Zipaquira Colombia, and the Cathedral. It is most certainly one of the most beautiful destinations I’ve ever been to.

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7 Wonders

You know you have found a great game when you wake up the next morning and you are itching to try out another strategy that you were dreaming about, after playing that game for the first time.   548 more words


What A Wonderful World: The Controversy of the New7 Wonders of Nature

Bernard Weber’s idea was simple in theory: given everyone’s familiarity with the 7 Wonders of the World concept, have an independent organization create a system of worldwide voting to identify the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. 41 more words


Ketemu Author Webtoon di Mangafest Jogja 2017

Ketemu Author Webtoon di Mangafest Jogja 2017

Tahun lalu, tiba-tiba muncul keinginan kayak orang nyidam. Agak nyeleneh sih tapi masih masuk akal. Keinginan tersebut menambah daftar panjang… 1,394 more words