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Day 20 - 7 Wonders Duel

This was a game that I had over looked when it came out, because there was already a 2 player variant for 7 Wonders. I heard the name and the premise and didn’t listen to anything else. 1,172 more words


Mistress Valeria

With the conclusion of the Xbox and Steam Summer Sales, cannot help but feel disappointed by the lack of good offers. Discounts were there but you didn’t feel as if there was one great offer which really offered a fantastic deal, something that was head and shoulders above the rest. 656 more words


8 Essential Board Games for Tabletop Beginners

I have always been a geek. I’ve never felt ashamed of it, but I did struggle through my school years. and well into my 20s, with constantly being surrounded by people who could not understand that geekiness. 2,865 more words


Stuffed aubergines and spices

Post R-Day, I have very little to do at the moment, principally as we’re in political paralysis. The dust doesn’t look like it’s going to settle any time soon and until it does, progress can only be measured in molecules. 621 more words


Four days post Götterdammerung 

It has been a few weeks since I bought it but we finally cracked open the Babel expansion for 7 Wonders and not only that, we played Wonder Pack, Cities & Leaders at the same time just for maximum chaos. 570 more words

Board Games


Should have been posted on Monday, not Wednesday…

Four days before the damn Referendum. So we can expect even more media hysteria, lies and rabid coverage: terrific. 767 more words



This is an important PSA about how important exercise is because I almost passed out on a set of steep mountain steps trying to get to the Great Wall. 529 more words