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Game Designer's Notes #5: Paths to victory

As I discussed previously, every game has different victory conditions. However, many games, especially points-based games, also have different paths to that victory. Take 7 Wonders… 275 more words


October 05, 2016

Participants: Jon, Gili, Nadine, David K, Nati, Yael, Avi, Tal, Nimrod, Eitan

Tal and Nimrod are first time attendees. Avi and Nati came back for their second visit. 340 more words

Session Reports

20th September 2016

Since the planned “Feature Game” (Cuba) was a long one and we didn’t want anyone to get stuck playing two-player games all evening, we decided to play a quick filler until everyone had arrived.  3,094 more words

Games Night

September 28th, 2016: With friends like these...

Crew Members: Zevvy, Itay, Roy, Ludmilla, David M., David T.

Roy and Ludmilla came all the way from Atlit to play, hopefull we will see them again soon. 270 more words

Regular Meetings

The Piano Guys- The Mission

I love the Piano Guys passion. You can really feel the spirit of God come through their music

The Did You Know Guy

September 22nd, 2016: Brains or Brawn?

Crew Members: Zevvy, Yanir, David W., Juliana, Nima, David T.

Great game night, not too hot, and most of the snacks got eaten. Thanks for coming! 651 more words

Regular Meetings


Hello friends… I am finally back from India after a fantastic Ganesh Chaturti celebrations back home with family and friends & thats the reason I have been missing from blogging space for sometime now. 183 more words