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Once You Go Blackmail...

It was a forlorn hope that the temperatures had peaked last week and were going to return to more “manageable” levels in the run up to September but I read with trepidation that by the middle of the week, they’re going to spike in the 30s (that’s “hot” to those who refuse to join the 21st century and continue to use Fahrenheit). 773 more words


7 Wonders

This picture came in an email a long time ago. I just couldn’t part with it and wanted to share it with you. Isn’t it spectacular?

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The Great Wall - a phenomenal feat

Imagine a fortress that runs for miles – through the forest, through the villages, from the sea on one side to the vast desert on the other; fortified with watch towers, walls, command posts, gates, shrines and temples; steep in some places, a gentle climb in others, contouring through the mountain ranges like a dragon leaving you in awe of what is nothing short of being a phenomenal feat of construction – that is the Great Wall: the largest man-made monument ever to have been built. 292 more words

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The Twins

The Twins?, who are we talking about here..?

well actually there were several twins in excel…and the most common we know are VLookup & HLookup, but probably most of you guys rarely using Hlookup. 229 more words


7 New Wonders of the World. By Travellers, for Travellers.

Type 7-Wonders into Google and it currently returns 6,740,000 results. So a fair question to ask might be – why create another list?

Good question. There are three reasons: 1,297 more words

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July 27, 2016

Participants: Jon, David, Nadine, Nisan, Yael, Roman, Avi, Yedidya, Francis

Yael is the only one of the new players who showed up again, although a few said they would come. 622 more words

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The (Table) Games People Play [updated]

I played Dungeons & Dragons long before it became popular.
I enjoyed hours of Magic until it, too, was gobbled up by a soulless corporation. 207 more words