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Board Games: Welcome to my world.

One of my favorite things to do is to play board games. It all started with many Monopoly nights with my sisters. As a family, we would play… 238 more words

Board Games

Maganda sa Ilokandia


Exploring the northern part of Luzon. A three day trip to the north. Traveling by land from Metro Manila to Ilocos Sur. Do you know how tiring it is to sit for almost 12 hours? 33 more words


Game Day

I absolutely love playing board games with friends. We invited a bunch of people over for games last night.

Zombie Dice by Steve Jackson

Gravwell: Escape from the 9th Dimension by Corey Young… 66 more words


July 1, 2015

Participants: Jon, Nissan, Binyamin, Omri, Gili, Aaron, Shaul, Tal

From famine to feast. Binyamin came for the first time; he has wanted to come for a while but wasn’t able to. 536 more words

Session Reports

2015Q2 Meeple Dash!

The season came and went so quickly! The league had its first ever Meeple Dash which is the last three weeks of games played in the same afternoon. 487 more words


16th June 2015

Burgundy and Blue were just finishing their supper when they were joined by Cerise, Grey and Red and decided to play a short game until everyone else had arrived.  2,282 more words

Games Night

Exploring Africa’s Goma Region: Diary: Day 4

The 7R Future Leadership Institute
is following Belgian Floris Buter on a 12 day field trip in Africa, in order to gather topography data for a hydro-power project. 731 more words

Nature Research