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Indiana public school punishes 7-year-old with ‘banishment’ for not believing in God: lawsuit


A lawsuit recently filed against a teacher at Forest Park Elementary School in Indiana alleged that a 7-year-old student was “banished” from sitting with other students at lunch after he revealed that he did not believe in God. 389 more words

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Girl Rescued from Deplorable Home

Police say 7-year-old girl was living in a home filled with piles of trash, animal feces and swarms of flies.(hln)

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Abuse And Neglect


Dreams are happy dreams,dreams are sad dreams.

Dreams are good dreams, dreams are bad dreams.

Dreams are normal dreams, dreams are crazy dreams.

Dreams are smooth dreams,dreams are fuzzy dreams. 35 more words

Junior Poetry

Garbage Bin

There was a girl called Tessa,

Who we couldn’t love any lesser.

There was only one problem about her,

She was the garbage pouter.

Let me tell you this story about her, 88 more words

Junior Poetry

Lest We Forget 

Lest we forget,

The poppies will let

People remember the war,

They had no train, they had no car,

They couldn’t see near or far, 56 more words

Junior Poetry

Vampire's Poem

Vampires like to suck

blood they fill up slowly

in deep dark night to dine

on bubbly hot blood from us

but they hate garlic brands… 132 more words

Junior Poetry

Sort of Too Young to Die

We’re driving to the lake and there was lots of smoke from the wild fires. Charlotte asked if the smoke was bad for you and I said if there was lots of it. 34 more words