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A 7-Year-Old Girl Asked Google For A Job And Got A Reply From The CEO

Some kids want to be astronauts, firefighters or chefs when they grow up – but one little girl has her sights set on one of the biggest tech companies in the world. 468 more words


Review: Terror at the Sweetshop by Lawrence Prestidge

Oscar Tarrant and his close friends Emma, Reece and Ishy are regular customers to McNulty’s Candy Kingdom, the sweet shop next to their school. The shop is run by its jolly namesake, Mr McNulty. 310 more words

7-Year Old Wrote a letter to Google asking for a Job and the CEO Wrote Back

Seven-year-old Chloe Bridgewater, who lives in Hereford, UK, wrote a letter to Google asking for a job.

Well that letter made it all the way to the CEO of Google it self. 190 more words


Weaving Patterns

The 7-year-old caught the norovirus the other day. After a rough night and a weak day following, he stayed home from school today “just to be sure.” Which means I had a seemingly healthy child sitting around the house wondering how to occupy himself. 432 more words


Screens and Exponents

Last night the 7-year-old asked me what 3^7 equals. Seriously??? How does he even know this math language? Did I try to teach him exponents one day, and now I can’t remember? 665 more words


Justine and her Funko Pop/Jada Toys vs. Logan

An introduction to Geektastic’s Justine and her son, 7 year old Logan, along with an unboxing of some great geeky Funko Pop and Jada Toys figures.



As a parent, I just didn’t understand why that card game had to be called War (you know the one: split the deck in half, then flip cards off the top. 382 more words