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Colkin ND Grad Filter - August 16, 2015

I recently purchased the Colkin ND Graduated filter kit. I wanted to try it out with a little landscape photography and share the differences in my pictures with you. 324 more words


Monday Mercurial #2

I know it’s not Monday yet, but my wireless unit’s old battery has a tiny bit of juice left, and as I’m paranoid it won’t have any by morning…Black-capped Chickadees ( 10 more words


Friday Feathers #1

I know it isn’t Friday quite yet, but my wireless unit is brokt and unable to take a charge, so it’s likely I won’t be back on line until Tuesday, the 18th. 34 more words


Monday Mercurial #1

I’ll be doing bird photos twice a week (most of the time, I expect I’ll miss a week here and there), Mondays and Fridays. A reminder that I need to be out and about now and then, not shut up in my studio all the time. 27 more words



Just the other day I went down to my local reservoir to do a new shoot, and upon arriving we discovered the cutest little swan family, I felt as though I had no other choice but to feature my shoot around them. 178 more words

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