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Seems spring only lasts a couple of weeks here in north Texas. Soon the heat will be sweltering and the humidity high. So on perfect spring days like today, I have the windows and doors open, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and the paint is flowing. 18 more words


Be still my heart...

We were out on the Pier in Oceanside, gazing out into the ocean.  The waves were crashing, the wind was blowing, and life was good.  Surfers were paddling out and riding waves, families were watching their young ones splash on the shore.   173 more words

Hot Oven Hot Car...It's the Same Thing

Lately with summer temperatures being what they are, I have wanted to put a PSA in my car window about leaving dogs in cars. I also want to have a few in my glovebox to leave on cars containing dogs in the spring when the winter weather is over. 174 more words


A Spring Night

Yellow-white full moon near in the sky

Tall treetops just below it

Honeysuckle flowers in the air

Bear galloping, me right behind him

We race all around the field… 55 more words

Life Stories

Getting out of my slump

The past few days have been very questionable. The weather did not know what it wanted to do. One day we had 70 degree weather and then last night, I saw snow on my car as I was leaving work at 1am. 52 more words