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What was Paul telling us from Prison

This morning I was reading this great little devotional, Mornings with Jesus. I say little because it is one of those one page daily readings. When I got to the end it mentioned the Faith Step and it encouraged me to read the short book of Philippians and read the fourth chapter 3 times and mark the positive actions Paul encouraged from prison. 303 more words

What you should know about the FLU.

Everywhere you turn you are hearing about how many people have the flu. One person posted on Facebook that they were at the walk in clinic and everyone was wearing masks.   681 more words

Foxy Bibliophile: The Paradigm

There’s a popular saying, “Everything old is new again.” Perhaps that has something to do with paradigms.

A paradigm is a model, template, archetype or blueprint. 539 more words

The Foxy Bibliophile

Happy New Year!!

The end of 2017 is upon us!  There are only a few days left to finish your last minute donations, enjoy all the food for the holidays, see family during the holiday break and focus on your 2018 New Year Resolutions. 153 more words

Merry Christmas!

As we are coming to the Christmas Day weekend, and many are traveling, remember to pray for those who are away from their loved ones, who are away serving our country, who have lost someone special and dear to them this year but most of all pray for yourself.   69 more words

3 Questions Thursday with Mary DeMuth

Happy Thursday! And no, you’re not seeing a typo. We’ve had  so many good books we’ve wanted to share in December that we added a few extra days. 677 more words

Fiction Writing Prompts

A Giving Heart

Yesterday on 700 Club there was a woman who asked if she should give to people on the street or if she should give $10 or $20 to whomever asks? 199 more words