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ABC Family Will Finally Drop the "Family"

At the start of next year, the vaguely-popular cable network “ABC Family” will be no more.

Well, sort of. In actuality, the network is re-branding under the name “Freeform”. 279 more words


"Pastor John Hagee: The Day America Turns Its Back on Israel, God Will Turn His Back on America" on YouTube

MUST SEE: Pastor Hagee on the consequences of America turning its back on Israel with CBN News Terrorism Expert Erick Stakelbeck
“The day America turns its back on Israel will be the day God turns his back on America. 51 more words


Insomnia and I had a hot date tonight lol… So I decided to work on my indexing since I’ve neglected it for far too long. I think I sat here logging Revolutionary War records for at least an hour before I realized that I had been listening to the 700 Club on TV, nodding and praying right along with the show. 66 more words

700 Club

Reality Shift : These are His Words Not Mine! - Misty McGlugritch

SOURCE:  These are His Words Not Mine!

{XANIEL’S NOTE: I highly recommend this book to everyone I know and the countless billions I don’t.

I got my copy from Barns and Noble, but you can get yours from the link above.~~Xaniel777 } 417 more words

Reality Shifts

On The Subject Of Koro

When it comes to anti-evangelist hardcore punk songs of the 1980s, “700 Club” by Koro would break my top five, possibly my top three. The 50 second blast opens the band’s 1983 self-titled E.P, winding up a playful chant of “No God!” into ruthless fury mocking… 341 more words

Shit That Can't Be Real Yet Somehow Is

McDonald's Ushers In The Apocalypse By Offering All-Day Breakfast

OAK BROOK, IL – (CT&P) – Television evangelist and walking fossil Pat Robertson warned his viewers this morning that McDonald’s decision to offer its breakfast menu all day long is likely to precipitate the End Times. 497 more words