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Hey, Hey Crochet!

If you’ve read some of my blog posts from the past, you know I have a thing for the 70s. My sisters and I stole a top from my mom’s closet when we were younger and I ended up with it the longest. 264 more words


Backwards World

I’m very fortunate to have a boyfriend who takes photos for me. Not only is it really convenient, but it allows us to spend more time together. 233 more words


Orange You Glad

to see me

It seems orange has quickly become a favourite colour of mine. I find the common denominator amongst many pieces I like is orange, not just in clothes, but in most anything. 139 more words


New Client

Working on some T-shirt ideas for Ladies of G&G, a modeling agency that works in the Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts area. They wanted something fun and they do a lot of car washes and such so I thought some bubbles would be nice!

More to come!


As Long As You Follow

Two things that I’m really into lately are scarves and suede. It only makes sense that I¬†would combine both of these into one look. This¬†romper is actually faux suede but that’s beside the point and how adorable are the bell sleeves?! 83 more words


Won't Get Fooled Again

I’ve been wearing a lot of denim lately and i’ve been trying to branch out and find new styles that aren’t my typical dark wash skinny jeans. 127 more words


The 70's are back

Bring out the bell bottoms ladies! If you have owned bell bottoms some time in your life, then you need to bring them back out! Bell bottoms made a mad dash when the world of skinny jeans took over. 159 more words