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What Once Was.

So comes a spellbinding walk down memory lane for any American over– let’s say– 50?  Seeing as this number sits far in my future, who am I to talk?   103 more words


The Magic that is 70's Television

I grew up watching all manner of television shows. I think being born in the 70s has something to do with it. In all seriousness, I consumed Good Times, All in the Family, The Jeffersons, even Three’s Company. 233 more words


Let's revisit "Murder at Sea"

The two detectives go undercover on a cruise ship to investigate two drug-related murders, but find more than they planned when they stumble onto a meeting of syndicate bosses. 4,807 more words

Paul Michael Glaser

Mikey liked it

I just learned that I need to empty out these three pumpkins here in order to do this incredible green fire jack-o-lantern trick and I still don’t have my Disease Face on yet, so there’s no time for a long post today. 27 more words


Calling All Brady Bunch Fans -- Did Oliver Jump the Shark?

Tonight my children were introduced to Oliver of “The Brady Bunch”. (But not in real life… on TV.) My husband and I disagree about Oliver. I love him… thought he was adorable and that it was exciting that the Brady’s got to have a younger cousin living with them. 18 more words

Generation X