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#495 - Your Best Friend...

…has to choose between you and his/her significant other.  Why are you the better choice?

  1. We have similar interests with enough differences to make conversations interesting.
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#638 - Describe What You've Always Wished...

…was different about your body.

When I was younger, I made the terrible decision not to take care of my teeth.  For years, it was junk food and Pepsi without a single visit to the dentist and only the occasional brushing. 

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#265 - Go to a Flea Market...

…and write the stories of the treasures you see.

The air vibrates as explosions rocked the houses.  Screams of people panicking in the streets as they fled for safety. 

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#106 - Write Dialogue...

…in which one person proposes marriage and the other says no.






“Oh.  Why not?”


“Yeah, really.  I think I have a right to know.”

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#612 - What is the Most Evocative Smell from your Childhood?...

…Write an evocative scene to convince the reader of its significance in your life.

It was like clockwork everytime my dad brought my brother and I to the shop while he worked on his stockcar before the upcoming race. 

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#221 - Make a List of Ingredients for a Recipe...

…All the ingredients must be inedible.

1/2 Cup of Nuts and Bolts
1/4 Cup of Sawdust
3 Cups of Motor Oil, any grade
2 Cups of Lead Paint, preferably red…

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#448 - You are Asked to Write a Blurb...

…for a biography of your best friend.

When it comes to twists and turns in life, nobody knows how quickly things can change than her.  She’s gone through more in the first quarter of her life than most people do through all of there’s. 

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