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#214 - You're Locked in Your Favorite Department Store Overnight

I stand at the door, looking out at the parking lot.  Not a soul to be seen anywhere.  I sigh with resignation.  It looks like I’m trapped for the duration of the night. 

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#119 - Tell the Story of One of Your Scars

It was around Halloween, 2001.  I was helping my cousin rearrange his living room for the umpteenth time that year.  That’s how I found myself carrying the end of a heavy couch with a Ghostface mask on. 

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#488 - Invent a Disease...

…Write an ad for the cure.

Everyday, hundreds of people are coming down with Zoolus Morphism, changing into various wild animals.  Sometimes at the most inopportune times. 

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#118 - You are Driving Home in Blinding Rain...

…from a hiking trip in a southern region of Texas.  It’s very late, and there is no one for miles on the dark country road.  Suddenly your car dips in a very deep puddle, stalls and then stops.  1,431 more words


#312 - Your Car is at the Mechanic's...

…so you rent one for the day.  While loading up groceries, you open the trunk and discover a suitcase.

Curious, you pick the suitcase up.  Almost immediately, there’s a loud click sound and you can hear dead air coming from the suitcase. 

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#242 - Why Haven't They Gotten Married?

In today’s society, marriage is seen as optional.  A ceremony to publicly declare your love and devotion to someone and an excuse to have a party. 

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#283 - Hera Writes a Letter to Zeus...

…regarding the time he has not been spending around the house.

To my fearsome King of Gods,

This is your wife writing you.  You do remember you have one, right? 

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