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The Quantified Self

During our workshop last week, I mentioned in our discussions that I couldn’t remember ever quantifying myself. As it turns out, I was entirely wrong. I’ve been quantifying myself for years, just not in a way that had occurred to me. 811 more words

What you look for is what you get

So yesterday I posted on Facebook about what you look for is what you get? That got me thinking about that whole thing. Often, none of us realise the signals or messages we are sending out. 739 more words


Thus a Great Day was Born

I couldn’t believe it. We’d escaped! Pluto rapidly dwindled behind our yellow ship. Neptune and then Uranus whizzed by. The rings of Saturn were approaching. 755 more words


Knock Knock

This is another piece from One Month’s 30 Day Writing Challenge. The assignment was to write a story about an eight-year-old and an eighty-year-old… 1,107 more words

750 Words

Fridgy the Gombor

This is another piece from One Month’s 30 Day Writing Challenge. The assignment was to create a monster. I also tried to write it in the voice of my crazy, hilarious daughter. 813 more words

750 Words

Writing, that seems so easy

I have always been able to write well and when I first thought about actually publishing stuff, I thought this will be easy, it’s only writing. 375 more words


Home Run

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted, but not because I haven’t been writing. After a break for a couple of months I began to write every day. 734 more words

750 Words