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750 Words

An online friend kindly reminded me of a site I first became aware of in high school or college, I can’t remember which. I used to use it regularly, but as time passed, it escaped my daily routine. 902 more words

My Life

Five days to go

It’s five days until November 1st… five days to the 50,000 word writing challenge of the National Novel Writing Month – no prizes except self-satisfaction of completing it! 369 more words


Late for Dinner (Again)

The entire family jumped at the sound of the door. That is, everyone jumped except for Mom. She just rolled her eyes to the ceiling for a second, muttered something under her breath, and then called out in a terse voice. 272 more words


One of Those Days

It seemed a very peaceful spot in the woods. Maybe too peaceful, which made me suspicious. I bent over to examine some shelf-like fungus growing near the root of an old tree. 684 more words


Of Cads and Cards

“Who let all of the riff-raff out tonight? The place is mobbed with rabble,” Mark asked as much to himself as to Liz.

Liz winced. It seemed to be getting harder and harder to go anywhere with Mark. 721 more words


Please Leave a Message

Hey, it’s me. I assume you’ve had a busy day and crashed early. I know how much you hate business travel. Anyway, I’m doing fine and… 470 more words


I am a flying squirrel!

(Sorry if you get an ad before the video starts, but you should be able to click it away after a few seconds. Or who knows? 68 more words