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The Woods | 750 Word Short Story

“You think mom will notice we’re gone?” Tyler asked, kicking through a pile of fallen leaves as we walked.

Giant, our Dalmatian, raced on and off the path, circling trees like mad. 830 more words


Just Another Day

A spark of color entered the big sky, spinning lights, whirling and flashing as the object approached.  The rotation slowed and stopped as the large disk hovered above me.  748 more words



The starship winked into existence in the void between planets.  Disregarding all laws of physics it decelerated from near light speed to a mere 50 km/s.  597 more words


The Spell (longer version)

My anxiety rose with the elevator.  I had no idea what I’d find once I landed on the 42nd floor and entered Esmerelda’s apartment.  Was I the lover on the way to a tryst or a fly heading into a spider’s web?  521 more words


Returning Back to the Fold!


Yes, I have returned from the shadows and back to the land of the living!  I’ve been so busy as of late, it took me a few days to realize that I didn’t have any pressing OMG deadlines weighing me down! 419 more words


Change of rhythm

I’ve been working on several writing ideas, apart from writing here; I have been working creatively on a new novel, another in my Radwinter series, and I have also been editing my next e-book to be published, ‘Lucky Portbraddon’. 821 more words


The Evil in the Walls

Evil lurked in the bowels of the building. The Guardian’s nose twitched. He could smell it, seeping out of the microscopic cracks in the wall. Evil. 465 more words