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Small Incentives

I had the fantastic opportunity to spend this weekend at the RT Convention here in Dallas. RT is hosted by the magazine of the same name (formerly Romantic Times) and brings together writers, readers, and reviewers of the romance community. 465 more words

A New Direction


Harold jumped and looked around. There was no one in the room. He shook his head and turned his attention back to the computer. 309 more words


Audio - Rebirth

I may or may not have found a writing style I like! The most fun for me, that is. That one took so much research to do though. 46 more words


For the Safety of the Planet

Undetected by the planet below, the fleet moved into position. Each ship could shoot a beam with the equivalent energy of a 10 gigaton thermonuclear device exploding every second. 351 more words


Those Eyes

He’d never seen a more beautiful site. Her face had become partially uncovered reveling an unearthly loveliness. And her eyes; her sad eyes, both alive and dead at once. 375 more words


Nutmeg's Carrot

(A serial about a rabbit and her community)

Those porous green leaves were her favorite part- they were so versatile. Most leaves were just flat covers but when you had the porous ones the texture could tingle your spine and you could use it as a mask or as a shield. 787 more words

Short Story


Samuel put his hands on his hips and snorted in disgust. It really didn’t seem fair.

“What is it, Sam?” Abigail asked as she came up beside him. 346 more words