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It's their world, the rest of us only get to live in it

“…The governor’s office has hired a Washington, D.C.-based lawyer who specializes in representing governors facing impeachment…”

Think about that for the briefest second. There are attorneys that specialize in gubernatorial impeachment cases. 49 more words


Canadian banker snags $750-million in marijuana business as rivals say no

Alterna CEO Rob Paterson’s estimates he handles about two-thirds of the almost 100 licensed producers in the business

"That’s not how you spell bare."


Yesterday, via Twitter, from Eric Greitens (r):

Eric Greitens @EricGreitens
Ever watch someone walk right up to a 280 lb. Mama Black Bear guarding her cubs?

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Oh, my - part 9

This evening, from Jefferson City, via anonymous Twitter:

JC Elevator @jcelevator
Denizen: Sounds like the investigators found another gal who learned how to do “proper” pull-ups…

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Eric Greitens (r) and the House - pass the popcorn

Pass the popcorn.

There’s a committee meeting this evening:

Special Investigative Committee on Oversight
Chair: Jay Barnes (60)
House Hearing Room 5
3/6/2018 – 5:00 PM or upon conclusion of afternoon session (whichever is later)

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A few words of advice

Invest in popcorn futures. Now.

This afternoon, via Twitter:

Jason Hancock‏ @J_Hancock
At 3:45, Republican Missouri House leaders will announce the formation of a committee to investigate allegations against @EricGreitens.

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$750,000 Homes in Washington, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia

A midcentury-modern house in a Seattle suburb, an 1871 home outside Milwaukee and a duplex condominium in Washington.. via NYT Real Estate http://ift.tt/2EruvZH