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Loustic Café

Loustic is bobo cool. So bobo cool in fact, that it doesn’t allow flat whites. I think if you use the words ‘flat’ and ‘white’ together, they’d probably chuck you out on your ear.  145 more words

Kate Ross



因为某一个迟醒的周末所以有机会 还是sunnan帮我排的队 睡眼惺忪冲冲冲

没有最出名的 pho  剩下bobun

sunnan非常喜欢点了最大的 也帮我们都要了最大

没有很喜欢 sunnan却吃完了她的还把我们剩下的吃了

太可怕了 跟我住在一起的究竟是何方魔鬼

3 Rue Volta,
75003 Paris

Best Parisian Brunches : Merci

May is full of bank holidays in France. On the 14th of May (the 3rd bank holiday in the first 2 weeks of the month), my flat mate and I decided to go for brunch. 257 more words

Pozzetto, 75004

On the rue du Roi de Sicile in the lower part of the Marais, not a million miles away from Hotel de Ville, is an address that ought to be in your little black book. 147 more words

Open Saturday

Crêpes: Breizh Café 75003

La crêpe is one of the many French delicacies that visitors to France believe will be par excellence on every street corner. 266 more words


Le Café des Musées, 75003

So many people ask me where you can find steak-frites in Paris. Or where are the best escargots in the city?

For longer than I would care to admit, these questions had me scratching my head…. 263 more words

Open Saturday


L’Attirail is another of those great and wonderous places that I discovered, and obviously had such a good time at, that I forgot its name and where it was and was just left with the hazy impression that I had not spent much money and had eaten something carb-y. 124 more words

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