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Jim Croce would have turned 75 years old today

Success did not come quickly for James Joseph Croce, but from the viewpoint of the American public, his career began and ended in the blink of an eye. 710 more words


3/4 Century Birthday

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday my mama,

Happy Birthday to you.

So, we did it! We threw my mom a 75th Birthday party. 631 more words

A Miser's Birthday

My birthday began in the nicest possible way after midnight, but before the slow clock chimed 12 times. David was lying on the floor near my feet with his phone, and I was reading the last of the day’s blog posts. 352 more words

Peter Handke: 75th Birthday

Peter Handke turned 75 today. I’m a different and better person than I would have been if I hadn’t read his books, written about them, and even translated a couple of them. 7 more words

On My 75th Birthday: An Album of Photos

With my maternal grandparents Bobe Jennie (aka “Bobe Bopsy”) and Papa Louie

With my paternal grandmother Bobe Fannie

With my paternal grandfather Papa Misch

When I was 4, my mother took me uptown to Lorston Studios for a professional “portrait.” I love this photo! 216 more words

For Dad, on his 75th birthday

Dad is 75 years old today. This doesn’t mean much, as dad will always be young, and for as long as I can remember says he still feels 19. 641 more words

My lifelong Quest

Some things take a lifetime. More or less.

It took until a few days before my 75th birthday to become clear about my lifelong quest. Some would call it my “vocation” in life, my “calling” as we say. 435 more words