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Diggin' thru the 78s

forty years of diggin’… I’ve probably looked at 100,000 78s in my day (so far!)

Here’s what I’ve found that would be considered bona-fide American BLUES 78s… 12 more words

Old Vinyl Records

The Delicious Trejo Album

A pretty good representation of the day.


78Man Podcast Number 15-Love

In honour of Valentine’s Day, the February podcast has love as its theme. It can be found on Soundcloud HERE and on Itunes Here . Tracks heard are : 1,082 more words

5/365 Everyone Is Guilty by Akron/Family

365: “Everyone Is Guilty” by Akron/Family

Not too long ago, I borrowed Akron/Family’s 2009 LP Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free from a buddy. I’d never heard it before and so I sit down in my office and start to get the record ready. 119 more words

Song Of The Day

78Man podcasts now on You Tube

The Podcasts are now being uploaded as videos to You Tube, with extra information about the records played. At the time of writing, the first three have been uploaded, and we aim to add them at the rate of one per week. 6 more words

78Man Podcast Number 11-The 1910s

The 11th 78Man Podcast showcases music from the 1910s. It is available on itunes HERE or on Soundcloud Here. Tracks heard on the Podcast are : 589 more words

Rababis - A Muslim-Sikh Tradition

I mentioned the Rababis in my last post, in particular with regard to how their musical tradition represented one of the authentic Kirtani lineages dating back to the guru’s times and how their tradition is practically lost today. 603 more words