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Day 047: Flowing Thoughts

When your thoughts are flowing really well. I just had a conversation with someone and I was able to articulate myself SOOO WELL. It was amazing and crazy and I realized it was happening as it was happening and that didn’t completely halt my thought process like it usually does. 23 more words


Day 037: Life

Today, I’m just grateful for being alive. Death is scary and hard to think about. The finality of it especially. The people from CHS who pass away early affect me more than I think they would. 61 more words


Day o27: Calm Before the Storm

The calm before the storm. I’m about to begin a six month intensive web development program at Galvanize and it’s going to be 9 to 5 every day plus from what they told us people usually stay a few hours after each class to do the homework for the day. 141 more words


The Carnival Is

For the last week I’ve had a very persistent earworm; The Carnival Is Over by The Seekers. It’s because I’m working on the Wellington Sevens and the only story/topic of conversation is who killed the event and how dead is it? 292 more words


Emily's NDS 2017 Notes

Last weekend I went to the 2017 National Development Summit (NDS) in Baltimore, MD. I learned a TON and am excited to share my notes! I approached the 3 days ready to soak it all up with an open-mind and tried to look at things through a critical ref lens, challenging myself to think about how lessons and tools could benefit everyone and translate across different disciplines. 125 more words


The iPhone 7s might also get the iPhone 8’s biggest new feature

By Amy Huerta
about 13 hours ago

Apple is widely expected to adopt OLED displays for the iPhone, a first for its flagship product. Multiple reports said so far that only one of Apple’s three anticipated new iPhones for 2017 will have an OLED screen, the iPhone 8. 255 more words


Day 017: Cold water

I can’t tell if I’m not appreciative of anything today or I’m just too tired to really feel it.

Cold water. Nothing is more refreshing than a glass of water. 43 more words