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Statement by ABOTA National President: American consumers deserve access to justice

Mandatory arbitration clauses rob Americans of their constitutional right to a trial by jury and banish them from the courthouse 

Through the use of fine print often found buried in consumer agreements that contain individual mandatory arbitration clauses, financial institutions have locked Americans out of the courthouse, denied them freedom of association with other similarly affected consumers through class actions and forced them to pursue their claims through a secretive arbitration process devoid of oversight, where consumers prevail a mere 9% of the time. 236 more words

7th Amendment

Value in Controversy: Analyzing the 7th Amendment

“The friends and adversaries of the plan of the convention, if they agree in nothing else, concur at least in the value they set upon the trial by jury; or if there is any difference between them it consists in this: the former regard it as a valuable safeguard to liberty; the latter represent it as the very palladium of free government”-Alexander Hamilton, Federalist 83… 777 more words


Why Is the 7th Amendment Important to Us Today?

Most people know that the 1st Amendment is about free speech, and nearly every school kid can tell you that the 2nd Amendment guarantees Americans the right to bear arms. 942 more words