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Forgive and Correct

O Lord our God,
forgive our sins
and correct our mideeds.
Direct our actions
and inspire us
with thoughts
pleasing to you.
Purify our consciences… 49 more words

Christian Prayer

Willibrord: A Saint Enmeshed in Politics

Around 716, Saint Willibrord, the Northumbrian-born bishop of Frisia, faced a difficult choice as Francia was embroiled in civil war: whose side should he choose in this high-stakes family fight over an inheritance? 705 more words

Middle Ages

Prayer for the Seventh Sunday after Epiphany

O God,
author of peace,
may we be so held in the bonds of love,
that those who are peaceful may remain in peace,
and that those who differ may be reconciled by your mercy; 39 more words

Christian Prayer

Preview - Kin of Cain

Matthew Harffy has written three books in the The Bernicia Chronicles series. They are about Beobrand a young thegn in 7th century Northumbria. You can  read my review of the second in the series, The Cross and the Curse  314 more words


Prayer for the Sixth Sunday after Epiphany

Only Son of God the Father,
you took on yourself our nature to save the world,
and by humbling yourself
you opened the way to Paradise again to fallen humanity; 103 more words

Christian Prayer

Day 1036: Edwin High King of Britain

In the 7th century, Edwin has found refuge with Rœdwald, king of the East Angles. Edwin is the king of Deira and Bernicia, but he was long ago exiled when Aethelfrith usurped his throne. 198 more words


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