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Swat Valley, seated Avalokiteshvara (4)

The figure itself is close in style to a 7th century Avalokiteshvara made of a darker alloy published in an early post but the back plate is the same as other works dated 8th century. 262 more words

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Seondeok – d.647 – Silla, Korea

Seondeok was the first woman to rule as queen of Silla (one of the three kingdoms of Korea) and her reign coincided with that of… 415 more words


Swat Valley, seated Avalokiteshvara (3)

This is a rare image of the bodhisattva, with what seems to be a goitre. It is worth pointing that this is a common affliction in the Himalayan region, due to a shortage of iodine, and that Avalokiteshvara is the bodhisattva of compassion. 219 more words

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Swat Valley, seated Avalokiteshvara (2)

This is an interesting sculpture of Avalokiteshvara in his padmapani form, holding a large lotus flower with six petals identical in design to his earrings, seated on a hassock with a cut-out floral design over a single lotus base, a leg pendant, the foot resting on what looks like a single lotus petal. 251 more words

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Swat Valley, seated Avalokiteshvara

This bodhisattva displays the abhaya mudra with his right hand while holding a pot of water in the other. He is adorned with a crown, large floral earrings and matching armbands, a beaded necklace and bangles, a sacred thread. 268 more words

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Swat Valley, seated buddhas

In a previous post there was a sculpture of Tara (a female buddha) standing, with her left hand cupped as if to hold an object. We can see from this sculpture how the lotus is supported upright in the palm of her hand rather than between her fingers. 208 more words

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AD 634 – Siege of Damascus

19 September

After a siege lasting almost a month the Rashidun Arabs under Khalid ibn al-Walid capture Damascus from the Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire). 231 more words