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Reviewed: Kin of Cain by Matthew Harffy

AD 630. Anglo-Saxon Britain. A gripping, action-packed historical tale set in the world of The Bernicia Chronicles. Perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell.

Winter grips the land in its icy fist.

330 more words
Book Review

You Lift Up Our Heads

O Lord,
even though many say
there is no help for us in our God,
you are our defender.
You lift up our heads.
Increase our hope… 28 more words

Christian Prayer

Enlighten Our Eyes

Enlighten our eyes, O Lord,
that our faith may be fixed upon you,
and our souls may take counsel
in the sweetness of your love, 30 more words

Christian Prayer

Let the Brightness of Your Spirit Illumine Us

O Lord,
let your mercy be upon us,
and let the brightness of your Spirit
illumine our inward souls,
that he may kindle our cold hearts… 28 more words

Christian Prayer

Strength of Those Who Labor, and Rest for Your Saints

O Lord God,
Life of mortals,
Light of the faithful,
Strength of those who labor,
and the Rest for your saints,
give us a peaceful night… 43 more words

Christian Prayer

Abbess Ælfflæd Might Have Been the Lucky One

As I wrote my post about Ælfflæd, dedicated to the Church when she was a baby, I came to the realization that this 7th century royal family didn’t have a lot of luck with marriages. 93 more words

Middle Ages

4 Righteous Caliphs

The rule of the first four caliphs is called Rashidun Chaliphate. Do you know what in this period wonder me? The quickness of the spread of Islam. 540 more words