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Pentecost 20

O Lord Jesus Christ,
you are the Light of the blind,
the Way for those who stray,
and the resurrection of the dead.
Enlighten the darkness of our hearts and minds, 42 more words

Christian Prayer

Swat Valley, various bodhisattvas (3)

Maitreya in his bodhisattva appearance, his right hand doing a fear-allaying gesture, the other holding a pot of water over his left knee, has an elegant silhouette with an elongated torso and long limbs. 219 more words

Buddhist Sculpture

Pentecost 19

O Christ,
the alpha and the omega,
the beginning and the ending,
the root and the offspring of David,
our King and our Savior,
may we serve you faithfully here, 34 more words

Christian Prayer

Swat Valley, two female deities (2)

Green Tara holds a tulip-shaped lotus in her left hand and displays the gesture of generosity with the other. She wears a tight-fitting tunic that leaves part of her breasts uncovered, revealing copper-inlaid nipples. 167 more words

Asian Art

Swat Valley, buddha on lion throne (3)

A dark bronze depicting the historical buddha with a piece of his robe in his left hand, his right hand displaying generosity, seated on a throne covered with a tasseled cloth and supported by two lions with silver-inlaid eyes. 170 more words

Asian Art

Swat Valley, seated Avalokiteshvara (7)

The bodhisattva of compassion is seated in the vajra position on a lotus base typical of the area, holding a long-stemmed flower, adorned with floral earrings, matching armbands, plain bracelets (no signs of a necklace having been there), wearing a long and finely pleated lower garment. 170 more words

Asian Art

Pentecost 18

O Lord,
you love unity
and dwell in the hearts of those who are peaceful.
Give all your faithful people
true peace and mutual love; 15 more words

Christian Prayer