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Prayer for the Twenty-Sixth Sunday after Pentecost

O God,
author of peace,
may we be so held in the bonds of love,
that those who are peaceful may remain in peace,
and that those who differ may be reconciled by your mercy; 37 more words


India, Shakyamuni steles

The historical buddha stands on a lotus, holding a piece of his garment in the left hand, the other displaying the gesture of supreme generosity, a small  figure kneeling next to him. 82 more words

Buddhist Sculpture

India, Trailokyavijaya

This rare sculpture depicts Trailokyavijaya with 4 heads and 8 hands. Each face has 3 eyes and displays a different feeling (amorous fury, disgust, anger, grace). 113 more words

Asian Art

India, an exceptional Maitreya

This rare and beautiful work depicts Maitreya in his bodhisattva appearance, standing with his right hand in the gesture of supreme generosity, the other holding the stem of a (broken) lotus. 128 more words

Asian Art

India, Post-Gupta buddhas

The treatment of the body doesn’t vary much from the Gupta style but the pleating of the robe is more noticeable and abundant, and the lower part follows a different pattern. 187 more words

Asian Art

The Viking Terror by Anonymous

Fierce is the wind tonight,
It ploughs up the white hair of the sea
I have no fear that the Viking hosts
Will come over the water to me. 29 more words


Prayer for the Twenty-Third Sunday after Pentecost

O Christ our Lord,
at your coming peace returned to earth.
Keep us always in your peace
until at your return in glorious majesty,
we inherit eternal peace; 43 more words