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Against a Darkening Sky by Lauren B. Davis

It has been a while since I’ve written. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading! So many of the books I’ve been waiting on have become available that I’m actually feeling quite overwhelmed. 202 more words


Vajrapani, Kashmir or Gandhara

Vajrapani, the ‘thunderbolt bearer’ is holding a very large thunderbolt or vajra horizontally in his right hand. He stands on a small single-lotus base with large flat petals point upwards, the rim is decorated with a row of thick beading. 104 more words

Buddhist Sculpture

Gandhara, the radiating mandorla

Between the 5th and 7th centuries a number of  copper alloy sculptures of the historical buddha produced in the Gandhara area, or in the Kashmir and Swat Valley area but following the Gandhara style, included what is often referred to as a mandorla with radiating spokes, The design consists in a row of beading and a row of ‘spikes’ made of an oblong piece (thought to be a lotus petal) topped with three precious jewels known as… 390 more words

Buddhist Sculpture

Kashmir, 7th c. buddhas (4)

An inscription on the base allows us to situate this work at the end of the 7th century (694 AD). It depicts the historical buddha doing the… 201 more words

Buddhist Sculpture

Gilgit, Vairocana on throne

Vairocana, identified through the turning-the-wheel-of-dharma gesture (dharmacakra mudra), is seated in the lotus position on a plain cushion over a cloth with tassels typical of the Gilgit and Swat Valley area. 62 more words

Buddhist Sculpture

Swat Valley, 2 buddhas with bowl

This sculpture depicts the historical buddha, Shakyamuni, with his right hand in the varada mudra or gesture of generosity and his left hand holding a bowl of nectar. 107 more words

Buddhist Sculpture

Swat Valley, buddha on three-tier base

This is a singular sculpture of Shakyamuni seated in the lotus position over a lotus head placed on a double-lotus base with artichoke-like leaves typical of the Swat Valley area but with the upper part much smaller than the lower one. 63 more words

Buddhist Sculpture