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What We Did: 

  • Wild Card Friday
  • Read You Can’t Take it With You

What You Need to Do: 

  • Your disclosure documents and student information forms are now late.  
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What We Did: 

  • Caught Ya Introduction (talk to a neighbor for help or come see me):
    • #1: every day in this spot you will be regaled with a sentence or 2 from the revised tragic tale of romeo and juliet 2 star crossed lovers of long ago…
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Halloween Fun Facts

By Zoe Mixon

Halloween is coming up soon and I bet most of you are really excited. One of my favorite things about Halloween is the fun facts about this strange holiday. 384 more words

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What We Did: 

  • Introduction to Bellwork
  • Bellwork Prompt: What makes your family weird, unique, strange, different, and/or special?
  • We began reading You Can’t Take it With You…
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WYWG: 10/18/16

What We Did: 

  • We went over class procedures and the disclosure document today.  Come pick up a copy of the disclosure from me as soon as you can.
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The Law

Legal Plunder:

“The people would be a lot happier if they all have equal amount of wealth. I say that we should raise taxes on the rich, what do you say Bastiat.” said Congress. 391 more words

After School Sports

By Isaiah Gil

After school sports are starting up again and that means we need more kids to join. Two sports that are coming up are boys basketball and girls soccer. 221 more words

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