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What We Did: 

Today we watched the inauguration and discussed how power is transferred in our country.  We also. . .

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Marco Polo

Marco Polo was actually born into a family of travelers. He inherited the love for travel from his father (Niccilo Polo) and his uncle (Maffeo Polo).   379 more words


Throw back project

Growing up there are school projects everyone who attends the same school remembers working on.

For my middle school – it was this pen project from 7th Grade Industrial Tech class with Mr. Antalek.

Saint Francis of Assisi

The Franciscan order of monks was founded by Saint Francis. Saint Francis was born in the year 1182 to a wealthy family. This was right after the first two crusades.   216 more words


Food and Water

In order for plants to grow, they need a little help! Just like humans, they require a healthy dose of nutrients and a good supply of water in order to reach their healthiest growth potential. 96 more words

Charter School


What We Did: 

  • C’Ya #17: romeo and juliet ignored their friends and oscillated to the music. where do you go to school asked romeo. shakespeare high school replied juliet.
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