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What does it mean if Saturn is in your 7th House?

The seventh house rules partnerships, marriage and one-on-one relationships – the way you relate to your closest friends/or enemies. Saturn is the teacher – it reveals our limitations, fears, challenges and sense of responsibility. 173 more words


Letter to Plutonian Friends

I did not have the words until now, because i did not have an understanding. Any creepy, invasive things i have said to you were attempts at communicating something deeper than my self-awareness was at the time. 662 more words


Venus in Capricorn

Venus entered the sign of Capricorn last week and she’ll remain there until January 3rd of 2015. Venus is the ruler of our relationships and the things in our life that make it so incredibly beautiful. 234 more words


Role of Astrology and Directed Energies in 7th House | Marital life and 7th House

A seventh house is the house, which represents conjugal life and house of the spouse. A well placed planets and zodiac sign can bring good vibrations for your seventh house. 156 more words


First Libra Friday: Venus in Libra

The Sun entered Libra just a couple of days ago. Libra is an Air sign ruled by Venus. Today is Friday’s who’s ruler is Venus! So it’s time to honor Venus in all of us. 281 more words


Libra New Moon

Take care of yourself. Read a book. Wake up slowly. Give yourself a hug. Do some yoga. Seek balance. Seek love. Seek peace.



New Moon in Libra

It’s that time again! This week September 24th is a new moon and it’s a new moon in the sign of Libra. This  new moon energy will bring about a focus on balance. 160 more words