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Social [Justice] Side of the 7th House

::: The scales of justice reside in Libra and her 7th house. Signs or planets positioned in the 7th house show the individual’s interpersonal skills and how they are inclined to implement social fairness, equilibrium and moral principles among the given public ::: 805 more words

The Spotlight in Relationship Dynamics

The spotlight changes between the 7th House and the 8th House when it comes to relationships of all kinds. With the 7th House, the spotlight is not on you, but your partner. 433 more words



The love zone!

Finally, I’ve been waiting a year for this! Ha-ha (well no, maybe I haven’t) but this time I’m particularly happy about it. 247 more words


Facets of Marriage and The Seventh House by Aparna Sharma

Each part of the zodiac is a solar mansion better called as sign or raashi. This book revolves around the 7th house of the zodiac and the predictions and views stated regarding various astrological combinations in all the 15 chapters of this book, are solely on the basis of personal study and research of the author. 351 more words


7th House

In traditional astrology, the seventh house signifies the quality of your one-on-one relationships, marriage and divorce potential, the personality of your long-term partner (romantic or business), how you feel towards legal contracts or what to expect out of them, open enemies, and what kind of personality or quality you are attracted to because you do not accept it within yourself. 67 more words