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Moon in the 7th House

With one’s moon placed natally in the 7th house, there’s a fine line between emotional support and labor. Having the moon in an angular house equates to a strong position oriented towards “the other”. 229 more words


7th lord in 2nd house

Basics :

7th house : House of marriage  , 2nd house : shows wealth  , 7th lord shows wife or husband.

Application of Basics : 32 more words


Planets in the 7th House

Planets in the 7th House

Sun in the 7th House – All forms of relationships are important to you because you light up like the sun. 1,272 more words

Exploring Other Opportunities

I have finally finished up (mostly) the 6th House and, thus, the southern hemisphere of the chart, which is primarily concerned with the self. It is time to move into the northern hemisphere and the concept of the Other. 337 more words

The 1st/7th House Axis in Astrology, & Intimate Partnerships: Separately Together

In M. Scott Peck’s classic book “The Road Less Traveled”, the author emphasizes some very significant points regarding the definition of genuine love within the context of relationships.  745 more words


7th House

Based on my limited knowledge of traditional astrology, the 7th house represents the other person, our partner, romantic or business and a host of other matters. 135 more words


7th House (House of Partnerships)

  This primary portfolio of this house is partnerships. This implies to the professional and personal Partnerships. Your partner will be seen from this house. Other things covered are marriage, sexual affairs, medium-term desires, business partner, commerce, travel, journeys, law courts,  nature of spouse, the world at large as seen by the native. 32 more words