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7th House (House of Partnerships)

  This primary portfolio of this house is partnerships. This implies to the professional and personal Partnerships. Your partner will be seen from this house. Other things covered are marriage, sexual affairs, medium-term desires, business partner, commerce, travel, journeys, law courts,  nature of spouse, the world at large as seen by the native. 32 more words


Astrological Forecasting Without Birth Time

Forecasting without a birth time is like an eagle or a lark with its wing(s) clipped. The bird cannot fly, can’t soar in the sky to view earth’s magnificent beauty. 160 more words


Fact Or Fiction?: Venus in the 8th house Attracting Wealth

I’m a Venus in cancer in the 8th house. Also, my Sun/Jupiter/Chiron/Aphrodite/Vertex/Venus all reside in the 8th house. My 8th house cusp ruler in the 7th house, and my 7th house cusp ruler is in my 8th house. 623 more words


Context of a Person and the 7th House

Context, context, context. Remember the context of the client that you are doing a reading for. For example, a client asked about her child – whether there’s anything to take note of. 294 more words


Tarot Card Of The Day (8)

Queen of Wands

Today is a day you feel so good. Your confidence is at its peak. The Sun Shifting to Libra in the 4th house will have you to feeling like  hosting a gathering or party in your home with close friends and family. 203 more words