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“After we’d recovered from the excitement of Yury Dmitriev’s release” (see 28 January interview) “I thought of more questions I wanted to ask him, though these still do not exhaust my list,” writes… 37 more words


YURY DMITRIEV was due to be released from the Petrozavodsk Detention Centre on Sunday, 28 January. Unexpectedly, he arrived home early on Saturday. Anna Yarovaya went to visit him immediately, to learn the details of his release and his plans for the future. 1,674 more words


On 26 December 2017, Karelian journalists described their new investigation, “Rewriting Sandarmokh”, at a discussion held at the Agrikalch Art Gallery in Petrozavodsk. 505 more words

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A memorial graveyard known as Sandarmokh. It is a word without precise meaning or translation: there are only different accounts of its origins. The associations are unmistakable, however. 303 more words


On Thursday, 28 December 2017, YURY DMITRIEV was transferred to Moscow, under guard, to be assessed at the Serbsky Institute.

The report was confirmed that day by VICTOR ANUFRIEV, Dmitriev’s defence attorney. 244 more words

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O 5 December, Memorial presented the updated 5th edition of its database in Petrozavodsk, containing the names of political prisoners and forced settlers who were executed during the Soviet period. 882 more words

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On Thursday, 30 November, the hearing continued of the case against historian YURY DMITRIEV, accused of producing pornographic images. The court rejected the defence petition for the removal of the Federal Department of Independent Forensic Assessment from the case, reported Dmitriev’s defence attorney VICTOR ANUFRIEV. 241 more words