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The other day, I was watching Silicon Valley on HBO where they were talking about Compression. As the fans will recall, Richard Hendricks invented a compression algorithm so powerful that it can compress your data to the extent where you can access them… 1,274 more words


How to quickly divide a file into smaller segments with 7zip on RedHat

I have a very large file ~ 1.7 TB that’s causing me some issues with its transfer over NFS.

I use 7z to split it into into multiple smaller files and then transfer them: 78 more words


Why Use WinRar over 7zip (for the time being)

Okay. If you use the internet long enough you’ll notice that everyone is advocating 7zip over WinRar these days. Sure in my opinion 7zip is better if you use archiving tools (extracting / creating) casually, — you know, using it only when you receive archived file — , OR you have specific needs for the best compression rate but still having a still widely used and supported format. 564 more words


7 Zip exclude multiple files and directories

Adds to the archive.7z all files from Folder1 and its subfolders, except *.png files.

7z a archive.7z Folder1\ -xr!*.png

To exclude the list of directories and files, you can first store the items in a text file separated by new line for each, then run the following command…

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What are the differences between 7z, 7za and 7zr binaries?

We receive a 7z file and we want to extract it on the command line. We search on Google and we are confused because some examples use 7z and some others use 7za. 193 more words


How to create and extract a 7-zip archive in Linux and Mac

Create an archive of the current directory:

7z a filename.7z

Create an archive of a specific directory:

7z  a  filename.7z  /path-to-dir

Extract a 7z archive in the current directory with full path: 100 more words


How to create and extract 7-zip file with password

This will create a 7-zip archive of the current directory protected by a password

7z a filename.7z -pPASSWORD

where a stands “Add files to archive” and PASSWORD is the password. 37 more words