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7Zip Timestamp Archive in Explorer Context Menu

I sometimes create archives of folders I am working on when I am not sure if I’m going to break the folder.

I use 7Zip. It provides quite a few options for creating archives from folders via the Explorer Context Menu. 519 more words


Checking 7-Zip with PVS-Studio analyzer

One of the programs, which allows you to solve the problem of data compression, is a popular file archiver 7-Zip, which I often use myself. Our readers have long asked us to check the code of this application. 2,265 more words


Put a password on a folder in different devices

When working on computer even you are not a programmer or a computer savvy you must understand and learn how to secure your computer files. Computer is a very powerful tools in making decisions and this could affect our entire life. 402 more words


Install portable JDK on Windows without admin rights

I found the basic idea here, the exact steps are:

  1. Install Portable 7zip
  2. Download Oracle JDK installer for Windows (*.exe)
  3. Run 7-ZipPortable.exe from your Portable 7zip…
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Decompression libraries and tools for many formats

7-zip can uncompress a truckload of formats, but what if you need formats it doesn’t support or you want to integrate decompression in your own software? 174 more words


Solved unzip big file di linux

Ternyata fitur perintah unzip di linux memiliki kelemahan yaitu ketika file terlalu besar maka akan muncul error yang mengatakan bahwa file tidak bisa di zip karena terlalu besar. 70 more words

Linux Server

PowerShell and 7-zip >> unzip

For now only Quintessence

$MainFolder = 'C:\Temp'
$7zipExecutable = "$MainFolder\7-Zip\7z.exe"
$ArchiveFilePath = "$MainFolder\instalator.zip"
$DestinationDirPath = $MainFolder

Get-ChildItem -Path "$MainFolder\*.zip" | ForEach-Object -Process { & $7zipExecutable x $_ `-o$destinationDirectoryPath `-aoa `-r }
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