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How to compress a folder using 7zip in C#

Here fileDirPath is the path to my folder which has all my files and preferredPath is the path where I want my .zip file to be. 46 more words

Zip/Un-Zip files using 7Zip

Dear friends today I am sharing functionality created in Navision which can be used to zip or Un-Zip files. Upon request of one of follower of my blog I decided to discuss on this point. 290 more words


Q&A: Which is the best compression app?

Q My Mac currently only has Stuffit Expander installed, so I cannot compress files into archives. Which compression utility do you suggest that I use? … 199 more words


7zip Helper Batch File

7zip is an open source archive utility. 7zip has a nice GUI to create basic archive but you need to switch to command line if you want to include/exclude folders. 269 more words


Sending data: encrypted archives

In ediscovery, we’re constantly transferring files from place to place. Sometimes just getting a file where you need it to go is a challenge: 286 more words


Carefull using Tortoise SVN and 7zip with Windows 10

Well windows 10 does not works well with tortoise SVN. by saying not works well, you can not see the file/folder status in your windows explorer but your SVN works well. 28 more words