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How to uncompress 7zip file in Linux

7za e filename.7z

If you don’t have 7za installed, the package to install is p7zip in Centos/RHEL.

$ rpm -qf `which 7za`

7Zip Timestamp Archive in Explorer Context Menu

I sometimes create archives of folders I am working on when I am not sure if I’m going to break the folder.

I use 7Zip. It provides quite a few options for creating archives from folders via the Explorer Context Menu. 519 more words


Checking 7-Zip with PVS-Studio analyzer

One of the programs, which allows you to solve the problem of data compression, is a popular file archiver 7-Zip, which I often use myself. Our readers have long asked us to check the code of this application. 2,265 more words


Put a password on a folder in different devices

When working on computer even you are not a programmer or a computer savvy you must understand and learn how to secure your computer files. Computer is a very powerful tools in making decisions and this could affect our entire life. 402 more words


Install portable JDK on Windows without admin rights

I found the basic idea here, the exact steps are:

  1. Install Portable 7zip
  2. Download Oracle JDK installer for Windows (*.exe)
  3. Run 7-ZipPortable.exe from your Portable 7zip…
  4. 74 more words

Decompression libraries and tools for many formats

7-zip can uncompress a truckload of formats, but what if you need formats it doesn’t support or you want to integrate decompression in your own software? 174 more words