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It Was The List Of Times: Hitchcock v Welles


Film Club Rule #634: Your taste may not be everyone’s taste, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good taste.

What makes a great film? What makes a film your favorite film?  120 more words


Five Films about Filmmaking

To celebrate our screening of Maurice Hatton’s Long Shot (1978), about a couple of filmmakers struggling to get their dream project set up at 1977’s Edinburgh International Film Festival, we recommend five more films about filmmaking… 412 more words

Matchbox Cineclub


When I first watched this film, I did not follow and was lost. It seemed like a disjointed mess that made no narrative sense, culminating in the ending, which I had to rewind three times to make sure I had seen it correctly. 572 more words


A Winter's Tale

Title: A Winter’s Tale (found in Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare)

Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: Dover Publications/Penguin Classics

Number of pages: 112/304

Type of Book: … 546 more words


The Mystery of Shelf 12 L pt1

Chapter 1

12 L

“A real waterfall? A real-life waterfall?!” Iphie jumped up, hands up hips, “It’s not true Ada or whatever your name is! There is NO waterfall in Nigeria! 687 more words

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Six of the Best... Movies About the Movies

Earlier this year the Coen brothers released Hail, Caesar!, their ode to the romance of the classical Hollywood era. That film became part of a rich tradition of movies about the movies. 987 more words

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