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"8 1/2" (1963)

I’ve brought up Federico Fellini several times in previous posts. Deservedly so, he’s one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. I’ve enjoyed every one of his films, and would recommend any one of them to just about anyone. 521 more words


10 Movies You Need To See Twice To Understand

“Ever walked away from a film feeling completely discombobulated by your viewing experience? We all enjoy linear movies, but every now and again we’re taken off guard by a completely ambiguous, inscrutable flick that leaves us scratching our heads. 36 more words

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Top 5ive Double Features: Jeremy

5. Dogtooth & The Village. Homeschooling gone awry. I chose this pairing mainly to demonstrate how great a film Dogtooth is. Don’t get me wrong, … 752 more words

Realism, Icon, and Abstraction (Understanding Comics Part 2)

“Cartooning isn’t just a way of drawing, it’s a way of seeing” Scott McCloud

A big part of what Scott McCloud talks about in Understanding Comics…

512 more words
Understanding Comics

Tomorrowland is Thoughtful and Creative, but Ultimately Fails to Impress

Does it matter that I only agreed to see this because George Clooney’s in it? Don’t hate- this guy has suave that rivals Marcello Mastroianni in 8 ½. 851 more words


8 1/2 (1963)


Jesus was perfectly adapt at turning water into wine, but Fellini was capable of turning celluloid into liquid. 8 1/2 doesn’t rank quite as highly for me as… 76 more words

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8 1/2 - "Cinematic and luxurious..."

“It’s about creative procrastination” said, director of Under the Skin, Jonathan Glazer in 2002. While I doubt Michael Bay fails to acknowledge Fellini’s 8 ½ … 576 more words

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