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A Mango-Shaped Space - by Wendy Mass

        This book is funny sad, and day-to-day life all rolled into one. Mia is an 8th grade girl with synesthesia, where you associate sounds, letters, and numbers with tastes, colors, and shapes with texture and patterns. 261 more words


The Unfinished Angel - By Sharon Creech

          This hilarious book by Sharon Creech is about an angel living in a stone tower, in the village of Casa Rosa, some where in the Swiss Alps.This angel’s peaceful town is soon livened up with the help of a determined girl named Zola Pomodoro. 195 more words


Anne of Ingleside - by L.M. Montgomery

Anne of Ingleside is a beautiful book. It has a developed plot, complex wording, and focuses on different events of many characters’ lives.

There are many characters, but the main characters are Anne, Jem (James), Nan (Nancy), Diana, Walter and Rilla (Marilla).The Plot covers Jem’s wild adventures, Nan’s dreams and Imaginary companion, Diana’s trouble-making friends, Walter’s quiet thoughts, and Rilla’s silly antics.There won’t be a silent instant at all in this lively book. 133 more words


The Trick is Get Up and Be

Daily Prompt Silver Screen Take a quote from your favorite movie — there’s the title of your post. Now, write!

“Dude, all my favorite movies say the same thing.” 298 more words

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Notes on Birdman

  • Central problem: modern artists have to fight against the public, media and critics for their authenticity.
  • In 8 ½ Fellini needed an idea for a movie, he fought a much greater fight with himself about the meaning of life than just Birdman’s temptation to go down the easy lane to obtain money and fame.
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Italo Calvino on Fellini

A Fellini film is cinema turned inside out, the projector that swallows up the viewers and the camera that turns its back to the set, but the two poles (City and Province) are still interdependent, the provinces acquire meaning by being remembered in Rome and Rome acquires meaning in having arrived from the provinces, and between the human monstrosities of the one and the other, a common mythology is established, a mythology that revolves around gigantic female deities like the Anita Ekberg of ‘La Dolce Vita.’ What Fellini’s work strives to do is bring this feverish mythology to light and classify it. 492 more words


Federico Fellini: the argument against

This post is my contribution to the Contrary to Popular Opinion blogathon, hosted by the amazing-and-no-that’s-not-the-debate Sister Celluloid. It’s all about ‘expressing opinions that are liable to get your Classic Movie Fan card revoked’ – s0 join in my Federico Fellini ‘discussion’, then read all the entries… 1,504 more words

Italian Masters