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Investing as Foresight Practice

Do you invest? I hope you do, as investing, and teaching your children and friends to invest, is one of the classic ways people can and do put their futuring skills to the test. 1,575 more words

.8-Economics, Biz-Law, Invest., Capitalism

Abundance, 2012 - Why You Should Read This Book

Every few years a few truly great general interest books on technology, human problems, and social progress come along. Books like Carson’s Silent Spring, 1962. 1,490 more words

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Heathrow Has No Wifi Clothes, It's Gone Boingo

It’s high time for another post to the Deviants section of the blog, so let’s get started. Like cockroaches under a rock, Deviants frequently come in packs. 717 more words

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Bob Frank on Darwinian Econ, and a Call for Backbone in Obama's 2nd Term

Bob Frank, Professor of Management and Economics at Cornell, is brilliant at framing economics in evolutionary terms. Visit his home page for some great articles, videos, NPR interviews, and books, if you want a quick tutorial in common sense economics. 892 more words

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BBC Doc: People's Century, Ep 7, Breadline - The Great Depression, Fascism and Full Employment

Today I’m watching episode seven of People’s Century*, 1995, the amazing 26 part BBC series, 54 minutes each, that chronicles our entire 20th Century. 2,269 more words

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The Buffett Deficit Amendment - A Great Idea, Worth Doing When We Can

You probably know Warren Buffett’s excellent idea, now being pushed as the Buffet Rule tax plan by our current administration, to reinstate a more progressive income tax for ultrawealthy Americans. 1,227 more words

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Waiting for Union Reform

I had the privilege of seeing Davis Guggenheim’s superlative new documentary, Waiting for “Superman” last night with Iveta. The film gives powerful evidence of the unique, critical importance of great teachers in achieving globally competitive student performance, and it confronts a major sociopolitical issue, teacher’s unions, and the ways these unions now block any kind of useful reform in U.S. 1,156 more words

.8-Economics, Biz-Law, Invest., Capitalism