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802.11 - WIFI IFs

Inter frame spacing is some of the magic in WiFI. Its also one of the more confusing aspects of studying and understanding how WMM, and processes like Point coordination function work. 648 more words


802.11 Spectrum Analysis - useful graphs

Spectrum analysis in 802.11 design is extremely important. Detecting which channels are in use in 2.4 and 5 gig spectrum’s as well as the channel density is a great help when channel planning or troubleshooting wifi issues. 452 more words


Considering your Clients

When designing a wireless network, it is very important to understand the capabilities of the clients that will be using the system. 802.11 is a two-way street. 1,057 more words


Stealing Your Personal Information on a Wireless Hot Spot is Painfully Easy [Demonstration]

Wi-Fi Hot Spots:

Just how easy is it for a hacker to steal your personal information over an open Wi-Fi network? The answer is that it’s painfully simple. 624 more words

Network Security

All Wi-Fi Networks are Currently Vulnerable to Attack

Security researchers have discovered a new attack that exploits our Wi-Fi networks, both at home and in enterprise environments.

Most of our home networks are using one of the IEEE 802.11 wireless network protocols, such as 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, or perhaps, 802.11ac. 2,157 more words

Network Security

Weathering a Deauth Storm with Wireshark

In many cases, the unlicensed frequency bands operate like the wild west. There’s some restrictions in place around maximum transmit power and the ability to properly work around radar signals, but there’s nothing in the rules that dictates “Thou shalt not configure your old 802.11b gear to use channel 4 in a crowded high-rise office building in downtown Atlanta.” There’s just one guiding principle – you can attempt to transmit your own info by hook or by crook, but you can’t actively try to stop someone else’s transmissions. 1,448 more words