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Extreme Prejudice (1987)

First thing first, I thought they were on to me on the opening intro scene when the typing of the top secret mission started. Under the code word Zombie Unit the words started to unfold and there before my eyes… 468 more words

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Lethal Weapon

Last week I wrote about a number of movies that were bouncing around inside my head that I needed to watch (I’m a Movie Junkie. 325 more words


Why Die Hard is a Christmas Classic

There is a big debate among movie fans about whether or not the undeniably classic action film, Die Hard, is a Christmas movie or not.   1,549 more words


Comm-Ando: The Review

Director: Mark L. Lester
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rae Dawn Chong, Vernon Wells, Dan Hedaya, Alyssa Milano, Bill Duke, David Patrick Kelly, James Olsen
Plot: An ex-Colonel (Schwarzenegger) is targeted by vengeful enemies from his past, who kidnap his daughter and force him to carry out an assassination. 653 more words

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A retired elite Black Ops Commando launches a one man war against a group of South American criminals who have kidnapped his daughter to blackmail him into starting a revolution and getting an exiled dictator back into power. 150 more words


A new short + Die Hard review

For those of you who have been enjoying my writing, I have just put up a new short story, you can either find it here under the short story tab or on wattpad – https://www.wattpad.com/story/84967628-the-bee… 269 more words


"Commando" | Movie Review

Grade (B)

One of the classic Arnold action flicks loaded with 80’s nostalgia for the genre.

During the decade an actors career could skyrocket with the ability to pull off the image of action hero and not many did that as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger. 543 more words

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