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W.A.C.#2 — Talking With the Taxman About Poetry — Billy Bragg

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In a never ending quest for context, I felt I had to hear Billy Bragg speak. In a quick search I heard him give a great quote: “the real problem comes not as being labelled a political song writer but being dismissed as a political song writer —” “—it’s not all politics, life isn’t all politics but it’s part of it and I’m going to talk about it.” 467 more words


Kansai Yamamoto thrifty Tribute

Ladies and gents, boys and girls,

Have you ever heard of the Japanese Designer Kansai Yamamoto? Yes, no or maybe? Just to give you a little hint (or reminder for those who know him), he is one of the most colourful, experimental and legendary designers who clothed David Bowie for his Ziggy Stardust Tour. 219 more words

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Gay Horror Movies - Pledge Night

To some, Pledge Night is just another of the many slashers that would come out of the 80’s and early 90’s. But in the era of that over-saturated subgenre, it failed to stand out among the others. 421 more words


99 Red Balloons - Goldfinger

Cheesy hits from the past given a quick ‘pop punk’ make over and covered for laughs. It’s a genre that has considerable legs. Ever since The Ramones did Spider-Man, The Sex Pistols did Friggin In The Riggin’  and The Dickies did The Banana Split’s Theme the punk rock knock about cover has been a thing. 354 more words


80s Cocktail Hour

Name: “Sher-Bear”

Ingredients: tequila + sherry + pear nectar + lime juice

I was inspired to make a sherry-based cocktail after being asked by my friend to be an amateur judge for a sherry-based cocktail contest. 8 more words


Song of the Day: Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Hanoi Rocks

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

All these broken dreams
have made me see.
That I’m strung out somebody rescue me.
Well, do I have to tell you that I love you. 279 more words

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