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When I start getting a cold I immediately increase the amount of Vitamin C. I also take some Olive Leaf Extract. And I try to rest as much as possible. 793 more words


Happy Friday-the-13th birthday, Mom

My mom would have turned 95 today.

She was born on a Friday the 13th, and regarded 13 as her lucky number. She was always especially pleased when her birthday fell, as it does this year, on a Friday. 412 more words

Surprise! A Fun Filled Weekend

In movies, you always see people pulling off these awesome surprise parties, and I’ve always been like “Man! I want to throw a surprise party one day for someone!” Well folks, that day was this weekend! 195 more words

Life Of An Artist

Happy 80th birthday Monopoly! 10 facts about the best-selling board game

This year is the 80th Anniversary of Monopoly – the  iconic board game which has sold over 275 million units worldwide since its release.

Chasing the big bucks and bankrupting your friends is as popular as ever but there’s much more to this old timer than meets the eye. 172 more words


Monopoly celebrates its 80th Birthday

The game of Monopoly is probably one of the most famous games on the planet and on the 6th of February 2015 it celebrates its 80th birthday. 881 more words

Important Dates

Forever Young: 80 Years of Life, 60 Years of Marriage

My grandparents turned 80 last month, with their birthdays being a month apart. This year not only do they celebrate this remarkable birthday but in November, they will be celebrating their… 38 more words

Heart Strings

Time Flies

Today is my grandfather’s 80th birthday but the family went out to dinner and celebrated on Saturday night. We went to a snazzy little steakhouse called… 431 more words