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Morning Star - Pierce Brown

“I rise into darkness, away from the garden they watered with the blood of my friends.”

Book 2 of the Red Rising trilogy, Golden Son…

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Killing Gunther (2017, Taran Killam)

For this film-by-film look at the career of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I’ve been watching his movies in a random order and jotting down a few thoughts.  493 more words


Fangs - Sarah Andersen

What happens when a 300-year-old vampire meets a charming werewolf in a bar? Well, in Fangs it’s the start of a beautiful – if odd – relationship. 266 more words


Eight Detectives - Alex Pavesi

“The two suspects sat on mismatched furniture in the white and almost featureless lounge, waiting for something to happen.”

Thirty years ago Professor of Mathematics Grant McAllister worked out the set of ‘rules’ that make up a murder mystery.

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Happy Birthday to Kim Bora and Saito Asuka

On this occasion, I wish you a healthy and prosperous life ahead. Happy Birthday! Miss Asuka Saito 66 more words

Golden Son - Pierce Brown

“When the first colonists ventured forth from Earth to make their home on the moon, they created a hierarchy for labor. In time, they improved this hierarchy through genetic and surgical manipulation of their fellow man.

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The Boys (season 1)

If there’s one thing I love more than a good superhero tale, it’s all the attempts these days to do something a bit different for the modern age, to find a new angle, or a more believable take. 357 more words