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So I’ve been thinking about more ways to be involved in my community and literacy has always been the thing I’m most passionate about. For the last couple of years I’ve walked past this place in my community called the Time Travel Mart that has an additional sign that says 826LA and something about a tutoring center. 626 more words

Social injustices

“Because equal rights, fair play, justice, are all like the air: we all have it, or none of us has it. That is the truth of it.” 656 more words


Stood up for what's right, never left out

“Mendez v. Westminster” was about Latinos forbidden to enter a white school. They weren’t allowed to go to their schools because they were different, and the whites didn’t like the way Latinos looked. 1,178 more words


That one time at Porto's

Last November, my friends and I decided to go to Beverly Hills just to have fun. There were ten of us, all Mexican except for one non-hispanic white girl. 892 more words


The picture that brings people together

I wonder why people are separated by language, culture, and background. In some cities, there will be a higher percentage of one race than another. My neighborhood is mostly Latino. 1,433 more words


Finding the good in me

I was known as a troublemaker. I was irresponsible and didn’t care about anything or anybody but myself. I just wanted to be around my friends all the time and gave my teachers a hard time. 1,496 more words