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DMR Editorial: Global Response Force Capability Gap, Trucks to the Rescue, for Now..

United States Army Strategic Planning Guidance mandates alert forces have the ability to conduct forced joint entry operations. A capability gap has existed since 1996, designated the major component of the US Global Response Force (GRF), the Army’s XVIII Airborne Corps has no “capability to provide offensive direct fires for infantry units conducting GRF joint, forcible entry operations in anti-access/area-denial A2/AD) environments…Infantry Brigade Combat Teams (IBCTs) lack the Mobile Protected Firepower [MPF) capability necessary to defeat enemy prepared positions, destroy enemy armored vehicles, close with the enemy through fire and maneuver,” according to 21 August 2014 Army Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCoE) Mounted Requirements Division paper presented in advance of the 2014 MCoE Warfighter conference. 226 more words


FRIDAY FOTO Extra (March 20, 2015)


Paratroopers assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division’s 2nd Brigade Combat Team (2nd BCT) and the British 16th Air Assault Brigade conduct airborne training at the… 189 more words

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Italy: 1943

This weeks photo prompt is wall.  When I read this prompt the first thing that popped into my head was a couple of old photos that I had from my trip to the Airborne Museum in Fayetteville, NC.   16 more words


About VASECMcDonald: it's not Brian Williams redux

When I first heard the news about VA secretary Robert McDonald‘s calling himself a Special Forces vet, I had two thoughts: 1) “Wow, SOF is kinda like the French Resistance.”  2) “Brian Williams, Bill O’Reilly, now this?” But looking a little more closely at the actual gaffe, it’s perhaps more forgivable than claiming to have taken RPG fire in Iraq or mortars in the Falklands. 111 more words


Desert Storm: Ground War Starts -- and Ends

It was almost four months away from home and war pressing down on us. The cracks were widening. Several of the married men approached me about letting them kiss me. 424 more words


A friend of a friend-John Gilman-Thomas Kenney-February 8

One thing I have learned is that good friends have other good friends. This is a series of stories about “friends of my friends”. The post below is the story for February 8, 2015. 1,257 more words

A Friend Of A Friend

My Daddy had a visitor

A tweet from the United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Bob McDonald. Just a picture him and my dad chatting at the VA hospital today… 588 more words