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Weight and batteries.

I am not a great believer in saving minuscule amounts of weight on a bike as in my opinion it does nothing. As an aviator I know that weight is proportional to acceleration and aerodynamics is proportional to top speed. 539 more words

Mark 1 headlight fitted!

Okay there are three basic reasons for changing the headlight. Light output, power used and looks.

The looks is easy because the 848 headlight is a great design on a great looking bike, the only thing that could look better would be to see two lights switched on while it is running rather than one, that has been sorted in the mark 1 headlight. 349 more words

TST Tail light

I have admired the TST industries tail light with its array of LEDs in the past. The trouble with it is that it is made in the USA and postage to Europe makes it a very expensive toy. 507 more words

Rear indicators and brake lights

The Ducati SBK from about 2007 to 2012 all have an LED rear light fitted as standard. The lights are always on on European models. When the front or rear brake is applied the LEDs become brighter. 379 more words

Ducati SBK luggage

The 848 may be a sports bike but I find the riding position reasonably comfortable. I used to own a BMW R1150RT back in 2003 which was supposed to be a tourer, but the riding position was far too upright and gave me lower back pain from slouching, I changed that bike in 2004 for a BMW K1200GT which was more sporting and more comfortable. 404 more words

More on the exhaust.

1st December turned out to be a nice warm sunny day here in the south of France, so time to take the 848 out and see what difference the new exhaust makes. 219 more words

More exhaust pictures

Was a nice day today so we moved the bikes around in the garage which involved getting some of them out. While the 848 was out my wife took some photos of the new cans.