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Titanium (Ti)

Throughout my life working on aircraft I have used Titanium bolts. They are used for a number of reasons two being strength and lightness. The Ti that we used on military aircraft was about a third of the weight of a steel bolt of the same size, and was coloured a blue/grey. 426 more words

An 848 update

Folks will remember that I fitted the Lithium battery, not to save weight, but to see if they were all that they are cracked up to be. 475 more words

Hydraulic bike lift.

As we own a number of bikes, and I do all the servicing and work on them myself, A hydraulic bike lift has been one of the best things that I have invested in. 262 more words

Weight and batteries.

I am not a great believer in saving minuscule amounts of weight on a bike as in my opinion it does nothing. As an aviator I know that weight is proportional to acceleration and aerodynamics is proportional to top speed. 539 more words

Mark 1 headlight fitted!

Okay there are three basic reasons for changing the headlight. Light output, power used and looks.

The looks is easy because the 848 headlight is a great design on a great looking bike, the only thing that could look better would be to see two lights switched on while it is running rather than one, that has been sorted in the mark 1 headlight. 349 more words

TST Tail light

I have admired the TST industries tail light with its array of LEDs in the past. The trouble with it is that it is made in the USA and postage to Europe makes it a very expensive toy. 507 more words