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i just found mp3 file from my band called HellodigitalGoodbyesaturday. only 1 song that recorded at that time.

Me, Puty and Coki 2007

Enjoy! ^^

Adhari Donora

R2D2 Quilt

This is my R2D2 8Bit Quilt. No, it is not worth $2. 8bit is an 80’s video game style which is now vintage or low resolution, depending on what camp you’re in. 63 more words


Impulsively Cosmetic

So for a little change of pace, I thought i would do a do a quick review on a makeup brand that I was directed by a good friend, and amazing makeup artist  645 more words

'Shovel Knight' Review

Right now I would say video games have it a lot better than movies at the moment, I mean when was the last time you have ever seen a black and white movie go mainstream with the general public in this day and age? 1,475 more words


What Do Worms Eat?

I found some worms at the playground and brought them home in a pile of dirt. They looked hungry so I made them a delicious plate of goodies, not really sure what worms eat. 164 more words

**Cute Bytes**

The Best Music Tracks of Sunsoft's 8-Bit Composer, Naoki Kodaka

For a time past of very limited music and sound effects in video gaming, the Sunsoft game development company was truly ahead of its days. 640 more words