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Logosamphia : Unmasked!

There are very few producers out there who have such a massive impact on popular culture like the one named ‘Logosamphia’. He stands proudly in the Guinness Book of records as producer with the biggest shadow, and with this shadow he basically has overseen tons of projects, artists and music productions. 546 more words


YummyBlaBla VS flimbo: An EPIC battle.

The following link contains a replay of top player YummyBlaBla and veteran player flimbo battling to the death! Hope you enjoy!


I also streamed this btw. 14 more words


Map of the Day | Snowy Peaks by YOLO_glaba

Snowy peaks is an amazing SC2 inspired map! It may look simple, but it’s very unique in many ways. Try it out yourself!


How addicting LWG is (according to JB)

This is something JB posted for a gamer news site (I think). He thinks Littlewargame is THIS addicting:

Truth be told I should have posted this story about an hour ago but I got sucked into a round of Littlewargame and I couldn’t break away to write.

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Streaming and Team Chat

Hi, everyone.

I’ll be introducing (though many of you already know about this) two useful tools for Littlewargame.

Open Broadcaster Software

Open Broadcaster Software is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. 118 more words