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Free Pokemon Center Cross Stitch Pattern / Chart.

I just finished changing a couple of the colours for this pattern of the 3rd generation (Kanto) Pokemon Center. This is a simplified version of the actual in game building. 107 more words


All I See Are Tiny Stitches

I’m just about finished with the tiny super hero & villain stitches and will soon be moving on to video games! I absolutely love working on old video game characters as I get to reminisce over the games I loved when I was a kid during the bright & shiny Nintendo/Sega era of the 1980’s and early 90’s. 13 more words


If there was ever a game that could be described as the embodiment of black-tar heroin in videogame form, Spectra might be that game: dangerously addictive and almost hazardous to your health are both accurate descriptions of a typical Spectra experience. 71 more words


Getting back into the swing of things

We’ve had a few rainy days here in the Maritimes which means I found myself with a bit of time to get some stitching done. I was a little rusty at first, missing stitches and having to undo work to fix my mistakes, but after an hour or so I was back on track. 16 more words

Day 682

Day 682

Sunday 19 July 2015

On the hunt for Melbourne’s best burger, Jeremy, Pram, Tim and I ventured out to Footscray, yes Footscray!, to give 8bit a go. 61 more words


Free Jurassic Park Logo Cross Stitch Pattern / Chart


I just wanted to share a chart I just made for the Jurassic park logo. It’s based on the 1993 Nes game (Ocean), because that’s the year my favourite Jurassic Park movie came out! 67 more words


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