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Heckpoint Update #2: 360 degree aiming, shoulder cannon, enhanced flight control and more.

Players, take a look in your locker. You’ll find a shoulder cannon that will let you switch to 360 degree aiming once equipped. Leave the classic firing behind if you choose and take aim. 106 more words

Early Access

Approaching Music

While on my exploration of online resources I came across a channel called Ongaku Concept  (that is a link to the video I am referring to in this post). 403 more words


layers upon layers

Youtube has become an invaluable source of information in my steps towards better understanding the technological side of games consoles. There have been plenty of videos describing both the technical side and musical side, with fantastic breakdowns and visual representations showing how the musical channels of different consoles work, breaking down each part into a single waveform. 265 more words


Refining Ideas

After several weeks of swaying back and forth between ideas, I feel I’ve made progress in pinning down my research ideas. Luckily there are pages and pages of information online and on places like Youtube. 46 more words