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Anime review: Shounen Maid

Seriously VERY good. I love this anime. The characters are nice and quirky. This anime is bright and cheerful when it wants to be, and it can also be sad when it wants it to be. 105 more words


Nintendo back in stores this November 11 in Canada for $ 79.99 !!!

The Japanese giant announced Thursday on his Facebook page that the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) will be back in stores. The ” Nintendo Mini Classic ” will go on sale on November 11 in Canada and will retail at a price of $ 79.99 .

8bit - Luscious brioche burgers they serve


231 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Yes, one of the burger joints that remains so popular throughout the week in Melbourne, that you never see it really empty before, even on a weekday when the streets are pretty quiet. 220 more words


Burger Madness at 8bit Melbourne

So the other day I was sitting outside of Melbourne’s State Library and a group of people walked past with the cutest paper bag ever, and out came delicious looking burgers with in-n-out style cardboard wrapping (I don’t even know what they’re called). 328 more words


Miss Cutter - Four​-​dimensional dance floor

Artist: Miss Cutter
title: Four-dimensional dance floor
keywords: 8bit acoustic experimental glich industrial lo-fi outsider Buenos Aires

Miss Cutter throws in some excellent awesomeness; thick dark matter in rhythmic form, growling synth material that goes under the skin and makes the whole body tremble. 329 more words