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Super Mario Bros 2

There are far better Mario games than this. Mario 64 broke new ground by transferring the plumber’s jump mechanic to three dimensions and Super Mario Galaxy had bucket loads of inventions behind the planet based levels. 661 more words

8BIT MUSIC POWERサウンドブック (三才ムックvol.878) pdf 本 に する

8BIT MUSIC POWERサウンドブック (三才ムックvol.878) pdf 電子 書籍. 8BIT MUSIC POWERサウンドブック (三才ムックvol.878) 無料 書籍 pdf. 8BIT MUSIC POWERサウンドブック (三才ムックvol.878) 本 無料 pdf. 8BIT MUSIC POWERサウンドブック (三才ムックvol.878) ニコニコ 電子 書籍 ダウンロード. 70 more words

On The Aesthetics of Top-Down Perspective Video Games

I’ve always had a fondness for top-down perspective video games; those games, like in the image above, that are built with a blocky, digital aesthetic in which the entire game world is situated on a grid. 817 more words

A track-by-track review of Playing Tourist Forever's Strawberry

With a generation that first grew up on video games, it’s no surprise that chiptune has leaked into popular music today. You don’t find it often in emo/pop punk, which is what immediately made Palmdale band Playing Tourist Forever stick out to me. 1,194 more words