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by Buhlebenkosi Maposa

Once upon my short life span,
I came upon a certain man.

His hair was gray and eyes deep blue.
He took his things and a man he slew. 80 more words


Not Captured

by Simone Weatherspoon

Not captured, but imprisoned.
Not abused, but corrected.
Not normal, but criminal.

A longing for the unattainable. To reach beyond
my grasp. The world is small when you put it in a cage. 74 more words


Baking a Cobbler

     by Hunter Newell

Measure out your flour and sugar
pour in the milk then stir
melt a half stick of butter in a 9’x9’ pan at 325… 135 more words


Dandelion Wish

by Audrey Funkhouser

a dandelion, a flower so shear
the light limbs to blow away
a wish we hope will come true near
in the time of such a short day… 33 more words


Sitting Birds. Stones Fly. Birds Cry.

by Sameer Khan

     “Another one bites the dust,” Mother Bird chirps morosely as her third child becomes a victim to learning how to fly.

     The rest of the birds, which just so happens to be two left, all face gloom over the death of their siblings. 404 more words


Rain Clouds

by Kaylan Hall

Life is not all sunshine and rainbows

sometimes life brings a time of rain

and you cannot push away the rain clouds… 78 more words


Staining Pomegranate

     by Olivia Huckabay

Collect a knife, a cutting board, a pomegranate, and a bowl to put the seeds.
Find the grooves in the top of the fruit… 106 more words