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Finished! 2nd koi screen printing project done!

To finish off this screen print, students added the treasure chest and small bubbles throughout.  
Pictured left to right- Joey Peters, Stephan Bowen, and Angle Daily, the 8th grade students who screen printed the project.

Koi Bubbles

Students worked on blocking out unintended marks with bubbles today.  Used three types of values of blue to create a somewhat layered effect.

5 Rainbow Fish

Students wanted a rainbow fish since this project started.  Able to make that happen today when we took most of the colors we have mixed for the project and combined them together for this one time screen printed rainbow design.  65 more words

Creating Hiding Places with Seaweed!

Did not plan on it, but most students decided they would rather screen print then work on cleaning the pond yesterday.  Students mixed various shades of green and used overlap to create hiding places for the fish.  12 more words


Students are starting to create a narrative today, adding a shark hidden in the weeds.  The weeds and shark were all done with stencils.

The Blue and Yellow Koi Added

“The blue represents the water.  The yellow spots represent fall.  The yellow at the edge of the tail represents honor. I am proud of what I designed.  16 more words