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Year 2 - Term 1 - Lego franchise report (Batman)

Who is the audience for the film?

Batman has been a popular character and franchise for quite some time and they appeal to an audience who enjoys well thought out heroic characters and stories. 283 more words

Year 2 - Term 1 - SF assassins fist report

(1) How did the creators of the street fighter movies and games adapt the franchise for varying audiences?

The seem to have split the audience between the films and the games. 560 more words

Year 2 - Term 1 - Legal and ethical issues

In most games, the characters appearance and behavior is created using the games decided genre and normally stereotypes. The genre makes the game appeal to a certain audience and the inclusion of stereotypes makes the player feel abit more comfortable because things seem familiar and sometimes amusing. 401 more words

Year 2 - Term 1 - Comparing street fighter with lego

Comparing Lego audience with street fighter audience.

The Lego audience is more of a casual, creative player base. It aims for a slower but fun and creative story that allows the player to take their time and enjoy the game. 666 more words

Year 2 - Term 1 - Research and analyse characters



Paladin Danse – Fallout 4



Starting off as an orphan in Rivet city, Dance made a living by scavenging the Capital wastelands DC ruins. 1,904 more words

year 2 - Term 1 - Changing a character for a different audience

Paladin Danse audience reassignment.

Possible idea’s

New audience – children (8-16) an audience that likes cool looking characters and adventurous stories but enjoys comedic and silly things happening in the episodes – Adventure time for example. 1,853 more words

Sheriff Boudreaux with the TCSO 9-1-1 Dispatch crew

Hey, that’s us! That’s me, up there in the back row on the left, in glasses. On Monday, Nov. 7, 2016, we had an “all hands on deck” staff meeting.   194 more words