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Trump's Claim that Muslims Celebrated in New Jersey the day of 9-11, True or False?

We all remember news coverage of Muslims in various parts of the world cheering the success of Al Qaeda in taking down the World Trade Center buildings on 9/11/2001.  205 more words

War On Terror

Trump's "Celebrations"

I probably shouldn’t be giving “air time” to Trump’s ridiculous “celebration” claim, but it’s so outrageous I feel I must do what I can to counter it. 270 more words


ISIS Attacks, Obama Dithers and Republicans Demagogue

While ISIS wages a genocidal war aimed at killing the maximum number of Christians, Jews and Muslims around the world, the response of Western leaders and the Muslim states of the Arab League has been half-baked, half-hearted and half-assed. 1,320 more words

On 'Meet the Press,' National Journal's Ron Fournier Foresees an 'Unraveling'

Of all the Sunday talk shows, Face the Nation on CBS with John Dickerson offered the most intelligent and enlightening discussion of last week’s terrorism in Paris and other places and what to do about it. 2,377 more words

Just Like 9/11, Paris Attacks Being Used To Foist Climate Change Legislation And CO2 Control Regime On The World Community Of Nations

‘The HuffPo* article posted below lays bare the real agenda behind the Paris false flag terror attacks. Just like what occurred throughout the USA in the wake of 9/11, the conditions in Paris are ripe for the globalist cabal to literally impose their New World Order on the world community of nations. 117 more words


Who Started This “Terrorist” War? When?

by Frank Scott

After the latest tragedy in Paris, the outpouring of heartfelt sympathy from ordinary human beings and cynical posturing from political leadership, it is time for people to stop, think and take democratic action before it gets much worse. 1,171 more words


9-11-2001 according to ASH

This is a day which will live in the memory of a nation for a very long time. Let’s try to learn something new about that day. 1,557 more words

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