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Films on South Asian Muslims and Islamophobia in the Diaspora

Written by Randeep Singh

In much of post-9/11 cinema, a “Muslim” is someone whose identity is defined fundamentally in terms of religion rather than nationality, culture, class or ethnicity. 623 more words

Church Bells This Sunday Posted At 9 11 A.M

Nazareth, Israel – bells ringing for several minutes on a Sunday morning


#LARain Continues to Drown California | Update 1


Drought to Flooding

Someone lied when they said, “It never rains in California” just received another six – nine inches of rain on Friday evening (around 1900 hours) prompting massive flooding, many traffic accidents, drivers getting stuck in the mud and running into the river. 609 more words


“. . . reconstruct a world of meaning that has been challenged by loss . . .” (Robert Neimeyer)

Everyone has heard the old saw, “Nothing is permanent except change,” or a variation on it. Some guru said it in the last century and attributed it to Heraclitus (wanting to seem authoritative), perhaps reworking it from Plato’s quotation from Heraclitus (544-483 BCE), “Everything changes and nothing stands still” (Plato, … 1,241 more words

On being a "conspiracy theorist"

“Conspiracy theorist” is a derogatory term for someone who provides an explanation for an event that’s unacceptable to those profiting from — or at least accepting — the status quo. 397 more words


Letters In Supe Coaches' Names Notes

Yesterday’s post indicated the favorites prevailed in 9 of the 11 post-season tilts in the just completed 2016 NFL season.

9/11, once best known as the number to call for emergency assistance, had a different meaning beginning on the eleventh day of September in 2001, a season in which a team from New England won their first Super Bowl. 94 more words

My 9-11 Experience

CDR Carl B. Forkner, Ph.D., USN(Ret)

This article was posted on 9-11-2016 on my main Blog site, www.carlforknerconsulting.net and I am sharing here so that it is among fellow Veterans. 1,209 more words