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9-11, Saudi Arabia, and the Politicization of the Intel Community

Was Saudi Arabia a facilitator behind the 9-11 attacks in 2001? According to documents never publicly released in the 9-11 Commission Report, that answer may be yes—then again, it may be no. 532 more words

#atozchallenge: Tout et rien- a September 11th Story

11 September 2001: We watch the towers come down in horror from a classroom. I sit in the office at school; my mother is coming to take me home. 584 more words

A To Z 2016

The Saudi's and 9-11

Right after Obama swore up and down, right and left, swore on his little pinky finger that ‘No One Is Above The Law’, not even – gasp-gasp, Hillary, he apparently is now waffling whether the Beheading Saudi’s fall under that same mantra… I mean, they surely deserve preferential treatment given their atrocious human rights record, their involvement in 9-11, their involvement in ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the attempted coups in Syria, Yemen and Libya – hey … we can’t upset their mule cart with such things as – Truth and Justice. 537 more words


Numbers are Confusing Concepts for Trump and Palin

The mainstream media has a history of unfairly criticizing Sarah Palin and Donald Trump.  Everyone gets confused sometimes when numbers are involved.  Take Sarah Palin for example.   107 more words

Found Sound - 04-19-16

A man trapped in flood water in Houston was rescued by a news reporter; a child blames Batman for using his mom’s lipstick on the mirror; Johnny Depp’s apology to Australia; and Trump says 7-11 instead of 9-11. 100 more words



Magi Ethyr sez: The al-Saud’s are wising up a bit: they know, that compared to idea of Israel posing as the villain in this drama, they’re is no question: they’re toast.

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