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Who Wore It Best? - Rockin' It

Now that you know how “9 to 5” came into being, it’s time to take a look at how this collection has been put to good use! 63 more words


the garbage lady in your office knows everything about you

The garbage lady in your office

Knows everything about you

Based on the things you leave for her

Each night

She knows you left your sandwich unfinished.  87 more words


New Store: 9 to 5

You’ve probably seen (and hopefully LOVED) Starplaza’s new concept store by now, amirite? 9 to 5 is a special pet project from one of our darling and crazy talented designers! 249 more words


Sell Out Boy: Trading Your 45's for a 401K

I’ll be honest with you. There are a number of bands on my iPod (and probably your iPod, too) that have had lineup changes, gone on hiatus, come off of hiatus and then changed their sound entirely just to finally reach the spotlight. 653 more words

Day 351 - Being Late

Today I woke up at 08h. Technically it wouldn’t be so bad if it were a weekend, but it’s Thursday, so I’m pretty much fucked. I ended up getting there at 10h, and everybody was looking at me as if I had just killed a panda bear. 103 more words


Day 349 - Creating a New Blog

I will have to start looking for a full-time job soon enough. However, I am aware that employers these days are looking for that extra something, and my resume is pretty average, so I need to pitch myself better. 127 more words

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