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My Dream Office

Me and my husband are moving. And if you’ve ever lived in Los Angeles and had to move, you know how much life is sucking for us right now. 677 more words

Faded - A Haiku

My ashen skin blanched

By the relucent, white screen:

All is colourless.

Emma H, age 26, 22/02/2017


Workin' 9 to 5 (...and supporting customers - NOT just providing customer support)

We’ve all had this happen to us when calling customer service (my favorite one being Bank of America who seems to transfer you to six different people to answer a question, with every time “for my security” asking me to repeat the same information I gave the person who originally picked up the call – not to mention the fact that I’d already provided it to the system before even talking to a human… 65 more words


Fashion Tips for the Workplace

Top 9 tips women should know about fashion in a professional office setting.

#1.  Avoid anything sheer.

#2.  Keep the boobies in!  Wear a camisole/shell/tank-top under a top that has a deep v neckline. 303 more words

9 To 5

How I Ended up in My 9-5 And Escaped!

How I Ended up in My 9-5 And Escaped!

A couple of years ago I made the decision to quit my 9 to 5 and work for myself. 1,843 more words


A bit of a detour. I got a 1-inch papercut on my hand that got inflamed because of a pulp or wood allergy, which was likely inflamed due to exposure from paper or wood, which was then covered by two band-aids and a wrap of blue painters tape because that's what was around the office. Hours later I was in front of someone I pursued (heavily) years ago. I think he's the only person who will contradict me, who I'll let get away with it. Which is its own particular form of love. Which is something: I go to the 9 to 5 because, despite the graphic designer / 36yo I love the work and I love the possibilities of and for the work. I love being able to tell them we're doing this, and it's due right now and it's making me frantic you can't get it done in the next 3 minutes. Emphasis on possibilities. Emphasis on Love. | Some girl in the East Village blocks past the ON AIR izakaya with Love Will Tear Us Apart sweats on. Love will Tear Us Apart in a tacky font running down her leg. Asian. Pants paired with a cargo jacket. No circle elevator¹ for us bc the building was closed. But there were the two and there's always love. | Architectures in Love¹ . Architectures of Ambivalence. | I fell in love with him years before we met. | I fell in love with him across the street from the building either of us would call home for 5 years. | I fell in love with him in a Duchampian moment: in front of a fountain, but not that kind of fountain. | The blue of his bag and the blue of the dots on his shirt. The black of his umbrella as it passed the fence out my bedroom window. | I doubt he's able to recall in the same way. | I miss him tremendously and he's asking me to love him by _ him _. By letting him _. | Mostly I think men want to be the one making the choice in the matter. If he had been the one who had years befored, we wouldn't be where we are now. | Tonight he carried the same yellow he wore the day I knew. | When I die you'll play Y_'s Mass at my funeral and the funeral won't be very long and no one will speak. | I want to be around people who know how to do one thing: Listen.

¹John Hejduk

Adult or Gamer, is it time to grow up?

Being an adult and a gamer does not go hand-in-hand. I just moved out on my own and this total independence has taught me the value of my free time; meaning I now have no free time. 673 more words

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