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Hate Your 9-to-5? Start a 10-to-2!

I was hungry in 2007. I had just given up on my childhood dream of becoming a film director, and I held a diploma in Motion Picture Production that I knew would never be useful. 680 more words


Day 491 - Gossiping with my ex-Colleague

Today I went to my former company to have lunch with a girl I used to work with. It’s always fun to eat with her because she always has a lot of gossip to tell and I was particularly curious about my ex-boss having a baby and all. 64 more words


Day 484 - An English Door Opens

Today I finally got to talk to the guy from Expedia that my ex-client put me in contact with on Day 419 and stood me up in Toronto on… 156 more words

9 To 5

Their bad news, you have to relay.

Today is rough.  Bad news after bad news after bad news.  It’s one thing to have to endure your own bad news, but what do you do when you have to relay the bad news to a client? 153 more words

6 Simple Ways I Travel Even While Working A Corporate 9 To 5

Some people play sports or take art classes or play an instrument. I travel. Travel is my “thing.” It’s what I do.

How do I travel with a corporate 9-5 job? 768 more words

Day 481 - Annabelle

Today I had a call with the snotty brand manager I met back on Day 456. There was an opening at his company, so I really wanted some pointers to make sure that they would at least call me to reject me. 146 more words