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Millennials Breaking the 9-to-5 Habit

Millennials, it has been said, are bringing about the death of the nine-to-five job. More and more, these twenty to thirty somethings are ditching the traditional workforce and embarking on careers of self-preservation wherein they do not work for wages but for their own welfare. 649 more words


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I quit my job with no money and no plan

It’s been a long time coming but I finally took the plunge and quit the job that was crushing my soul.

I recently moved to Toronto, Canada from Scotland (after travelling for a few months) and very quickly got a job here. 459 more words


My Thoughts On 9 to 5

Hey Guys!!

Today I thought I would share with you what I think on the 9 to 5 cleansing lotion. I bought this roughly 2 months ago and I love it!! 181 more words

9 to 5? F*ck this.

What you’re getting into: The possible obsolescence of the 9 to 5.

Reading time: 10-15.

I have not worked a full time job for very long. 2,033 more words



I needed a short reminder today in the office. It’s been a long day and I was in desperate need of a little spark to light up my face again. 85 more words


'Reaching for the Stars'...and other motivational nudges

Sometimes the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak-so weak. Intentions will be the death of me. The constant planning will drive me insane, I tell you. 1,032 more words