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End of Challenge(1) Reflections

My first challenge (for myself) actually ended on Saturday, but yesterday was my birthday and I had some celebrating to do. As I hit 29, I realize how different my life is from anything I’ve ever thought it would be as well as anything I’ve once had, I have to reflect in general rather than just on the last 3 months. 1,567 more words

Day 87: things are falling into place

This week is shaping up to be a pretty good week. I think as I draw nearer to the end of this self proclaimed challenge, I’m going to embark on another one. 1,385 more words

Day 85: seeking a new heading - balance

I have five more days to go and despite not having a total and complete breakthrough of life that forever changed the way I see myself and the world around me — I did. 736 more words

Day 82: always torn

Confliction. Something I feel never goes away, but lies dormant for a few days, allowing me to forget as I try to arrange everything in my world…but not for long. 895 more words

Day 81: dazed and confused, but working on it

In definite need of some change this week. Been kinda sick and exhausted, but I need to shake things up (yes I know I’m repeating myself). 951 more words

Day 79: taking a mental health day

It isn’t until you let yourself really just be for a little bit, that you realize how much you don’t want what your life has become again. 836 more words

Day 75: the difference a day makes

Starting to feel like I did before I left. Maybe it’s the people I’m currently letting in my life. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m┬ámanaging somehow to be more productive than I have in a long time. 609 more words