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Challenge... Adjusted!

So 3 months ago, I wrote a fitness challenge blog outlining my intentions to get into a more active lifestyle. I got back in the pool and started swimming laps 2 to 3 times a week with increasing difficulty to get me back into a habit of working out. 576 more words

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60 day birthday challenge

Yesterday was day 1 of my 60 day birthday challenge…

I have set a personal goal of being able to walk 10k which is just under 6.25 miles. 113 more words

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Life is FULL of challenges. If it weren’t, we’d be continually bored and boring! Well, because we don’t want to risk being a boring sort of people Lennox and I are challenging one another in a fitness challenge. 25 more words


So...What Happened?

Remember my 90 Day Challenge?

You know, the one that I was a few days into, and then I randomly vanished?

Yeah. I was in the hospital. 30 more words

Being Real

90 Day Challenge: Day 90!

90 Days…

Has it really happened? Did I just set a fitness goal for myself and keep it? I feel powerful and like I can accomplish anything in this world right now which is a feeling that I haven’t felt in a very long time. 2,083 more words

90 Day Challenge

90 Day Challenge: Day Seventy-Seven

day 1 is down and in the bag!

This felt incredible to accomplish! Quite honestly I felt like I could keep going more than 20 minutes of the walk/run interval, but I kept it safe so I don’t end up injuring myself. 183 more words

90 Day Challenge

90 Day Challenge: Day Seventy-Five

So, I finally did it.
My ultimate cardio goal is to run. 5ks, 10ks, halfs, whatever..I just want to run. I ran during my nutrition class and P.E in high school and I really enjoyed it and it’s also the best cardio workout in my opinion. 356 more words

90 Day Challenge