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Day 29: I can while away the hours

I swear I need to put my brain on a leash. If thoughts and brainwaves burned calories or got you in shape I’d be a marathon runner…that being said, I’m still reeling in excitement about my latest idea. 711 more words

Day 28: Slow Down...wait for it.

I think we all need to take a step back at some point in our lives and realize that we need to stop. Stop abusing ourselves. 984 more words

Day 26 & 27: 3 weeks in

Three weeks already? I think I’m gonna give myself a few days to breathe. I feel like I’m making progress but I still feel like I’m too in my head. 510 more words

Day 25: Learning to Redefine

In the last year I’ve been really re-thinking what it means to live. The expectations I once had of a house, a savings, a specific place to call home, a significant other, a potential family… the list goes on… Isn’t what I find myself wanting, at least not in the same way I once did. 1,080 more words

Day 24: Here's my impulsive act

I bought myself a $500 dress because I could. Custom made. Gorgeous. Something I’d definitely love wearing. There ya go. Not necessary. Not needed. I liked it so I bought it. 639 more words

Day 23: wandering through my world

I’m doing it even though it doesn’t feel like it. I made it through week two of my workouts. I made an extra $300 this week writing. 986 more words

Day 22: Still Wanting to Act on Impulse

Still trying to get out of my head. Still trying to act on impulse – unfortunately I’m serious. I really don’t even know what to do impulsively anymore. 658 more words