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I have so much news!

  1.  We all know that I have been having a chronic fatigue issue that has gone on for years.  I recently thought I had it solved but that turned out to be a false alarm.  
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Get Healthy

Very often we take our good or bad health for granted. For instance, how much weight do you think you gained this past Holiday Season? And, get ready for this one, how much alcohol do you think you consumed this past Holiday Season? 161 more words

Weight Loss

Triple Threat To Troy's 90 Day Challenge

Earlier this month, within the span of a week, we had a triple threat. Christmas party, 50th bday party and annual botanical gardens trip with friends (which sounds like a sober affair… but not when you’re a weasel 😉) 281 more words

Major Life Fail...crap.

Ok, so I don’t know what happened, but 6 days ago I stopped taking my medication.  This was a complete accident.  I just simply forgot and then kept on forgetting.   135 more words

What's a Mulligan?

For those of you keeping count, you might notice that the Nagging Spouse 90 day challenge should be coming to its end. Surely, you’re on pins and needles for a progress report.  137 more words

Day 9: 90-Day Crossfit Run Challenge: Crossfit Christmas

Workout. Run. Yada, yada. I did all that but that isn’t the interesting part of today.

PW and I traditionally open our gifts whenever we have a free evening together. 163 more words

Day 7: 90-Day Crossfit/Run Challenge: Unintentional Rest Day and a conversation about bongs

I seriously do not know which is weirder, that Amazon sells bongs or that my 73 year old mother wants one for Christmas.  I’m going to have to started bong shopping.   208 more words