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She has Celiac Disease and PCOS, but still lost 25 Pounds

SF has increased my energy level and also helped to improve my healthy. It has reduced my cravings for sugar and curbed my appetite. SF is the best, all-natural weight loss supplement on the market!!! 68 more words

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Day 10 Mom & Dad Fit For Life Challenge

Yes! Day 10 and one of my favorite days on the workout. This one gives me the workout pump that so many of us love! It’s like the little mini hulk comes out of you on Chest and Tricep day. 215 more words

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Mom & Dad Fit For Life Detox Soup

Here is a detox soup I like to make and have around for our family.  It’s delicious and I hope that you enjoy it!

Detox Soup Ingredients: 127 more words

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Day 7 of the 90 Day Challenge 

It’s been 7 days since we’ve cut out sugar, dairy, breads and so on.  We are feeling pretty good! More energy and motivation to keep going that’s for sure.   792 more words

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Day 6 Second Juice & Health Benefits 

Sorry I didn’t get a picture of this one as I was making the juice and dinner at the same time. For dinner tonight Cheyenne had salmon, a big salad, 2 baby red potatoes and fresh corn on the cob. 362 more words

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Day 6 Juice Recipe & Breakdown

Today we started our morning with black coffee followed up by a green juice a little later. My legs are pretty sore today after yesterday’s leg day workout so the Green Juice seemed like a perfect fit to start the day. 616 more words

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90 Day Challenge: Day 22

I haven’t been good at finding Little Things this week. I have been downright atrocious, really. I haven’t been in the right state of mind to find the good in each day. 596 more words