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Late Bloomer aka My 90 Day Challenge Journey

One day as I chased my Little through the Willowbend play area, enjoying the cushy rebounding surfaces that comforted my achy lower back, I looked at him and understood. 1,080 more words

Workout-Part 3

Ms. Nic B is the truth, I have been following her for a while on Instagram, she post great workout  to do at home or outside she shows you that you don’t need a gym to get fit.A while back she posted a week worth of full body work out to her page.So now I going to add these workout to my every day routine for the week.You should check her page out. 186 more words

90 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Have you ever heard of apple cider vinegar? I’m pretty sure you have, in a matter of fact you probably have it in your pantry. I heard about it a few years ago and it many benefits a few years ago but I didn’t pay it no mind.But in the past month I’ve been seeing post about it on my social media and even my husband has mention it a few day ago, so I decided to do some research on it and its benefits and I am amaze at all the thing you can do with it including getting your health together.Apple cider vinegar is made from cider or apple and has a pale to medium amber color.Unpasteurized or organic apple cider vinegar CV contains mother of vinegar, which has a cobweb-like appearance and can make the vinegar look slightly congealed. 126 more words

90 Day Weight Loss Challenge

ItWorks Finale!

The 90 Day Rodeo Skinny Wraps Challenge is up! The final verdict of It Works’ Hair Skin Nails is here!
{The Beginning}
Well, I still have to say that I didn’t see the dramatically increased hair growth as advertised. 272 more words

IT Works

The 90 Day Plan & Learning How to Eat (Mindfully)

On Sunday, I went out for what I call a Me Day. I looked at antiques, went to the mall, and then I even proceeded to Barnes & Noble, where I grabbed my usual order and sat down amongst two very important sections to me at the time: Cooking and writing. 679 more words

Getting SMART - My 90 Day Goal

As a Secondary School Business teacher, one of the main topics I teach is “aims, objectives and strategies” – now these are fundamental for a business to succeed, but they can also be applied to life targets.   678 more words

90 day challenge update

Soooooo I haven’t done an update in awhile. And I believe in full disclosure about health stuff so let me just start by saying I stopped the challenge before starting week nine. 321 more words