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Juicy Awards III/Movie of the Year- 12th Place Goes To...

12th Place:

“Rocky Balboa” was a surprisingly fantastic movie, bringing back a lot of heart to the franchise that Sylvester Stallone is known for. Although it got a 90%, it was not enough to win it Movie of the Year.

Eleven more nominees to go!


Woman, 59, sues her husband, 90, of 20 years after he secretly divorced her months after their wedding ‘to protect his assets’

They were married for 20 years, raising a son and living the good life jetting between homes in New York and France. It was all perfect, except for one thing: He had secretly divorced her just months after their wedding, in an apparent attempt to shield his assets. 540 more words

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Proactiv Revitalizing Toner, 6 Ounce (90 Day)

A botanical-rich, alcohol-free toner formulated to help keep pores from clogging by removing excess surface oil and dead skin cells. Glycolic acid helps exfoliate layers of dead skin cells – helping to reveal the vibrant skin underneath. 39 more words

Rockin' Green Hard Rock Lavender Mint Revival 45 oz /90 Loads

Free of phosphates, dyes, enzymes, whiteners and brighteners, Rockin’ Green Detergent is natural and safe for your family’s clothing and perfect for baby’s cloth diapers! Rockin’ Green is a clean rinsing formula, so many people find that they can eliminate extra rinses from the end of their wash routine. 258 more words

Ramming Speed—Brainwreck (2008)


Recorded onto 2 inch tape by Jordan Levantini (with assistance from Nick Wolf) at New Alliance. It was then dumped into Protools before being dumped back onto tape for mastering by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East. 322 more words

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