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A little Gore. With Blood.


No, no, no. Here we have David (Blood) and Al (Gore), explaining how cheap coal, well, that’s not really a thing — no matter how often the coal lobby, et al., try to convince us that those two words go together. 72 more words


It's Been a While...

Hey, guys. Sorry I stopped posting for a few months there. I could make up some excuse regarding how busy I’ve been, but to be honest, I began to feel like my words didn’t matter. 407 more words

Happy 90th birthday, James Gatz

While I am far from alone in saying so, The Great Gatsby is my favorite book. It has been since Mrs. Smith’s 10th grade English Lit class back at good old Downers Grove North High School. 581 more words


What is FEAR

Fear what is it, how do you identify it, what causes fear, how do you overcome fear. I didn’t understand why i was fearful and why other people feared things that i couldn’t see why there was a need to be fearful but as I’ve learnt fear means False Evidence Appearing Real. 383 more words