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Last season, one of my favourite shows, The Vampire Diaries, lost its main character, Elena Gilbert, after actress Nina Dobrev chose to move on and explore new endeavors. 770 more words


Former '90210' Cast Member Launches Travel Website

You may remember his character “Steve Sanders” as the wise-cracking womanizer from the 90’s hit show ‘Beverly Hills: 90210.’  And you may even recall his wild success in the ‘Sharknado’ movies or his two-time stint with the Chippendales in Las Vegas. 98 more words


Binge of the Month: 90210

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I recently finished watching 90210 on Netflix. I decided to watch this show because my sister kept asking me, and would not take no for an answer. 199 more words


Keeping It Real

Barbie dolls are going to be made with the likeness to real-life. Obviously they won’t be My-Size Barbies, but you can buy those on other  166 more words


Multifarious Man Podcast Episode 18 - "When No One is Watching" with Show Notes

On today’s show, I am going to talk about the books, TV shows, movies and music that are on my Wall of Shame.  These are the things that you love but would be embarrassed if people knew.   149 more words


Those were the days my friend.

Do you ever miss those days where you and your friends would all get together have a sleepover, get jolly, watch a few films, eat pizza, snort blow of a tramps tits and wake up half naked in a Albanian sex trafficking yacht handcuffed to a radiator.. God I miss the 90s. :(


Mid-Month Obsessions

It’s day 15 of 2016 and somehow I have accumulated many things I’m already obsessed with. Some things are Christmas presents that I’ve got round to using after the awkward limbo stage between Christmas and New Year where you just tend to stare at your presents whilst drinking rum (or that might just be me). 616 more words