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I was in utter shock to read that the once popular boy band Backstreet Boys are still around and making music. I thought they disbanded and threw in their dancing takkies when old N’Sync kicked them out and off the K-TV playlists. 624 more words

Adventures in Links – April 30, 2016 (90s Boy Band Music Videos)

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A sacred tradition on the 30th of April (or any time in April, really) is to post N’Sync’s “It’s Gonna Be Me” music video. 617 more words

Adventures In Links

Day 10: My First Celebrity Crush

Song for the day: Haunting by Halsey

Because (one of the many) stories I’m currently writing is set to this and it got in my head as a result. 170 more words


Give The Gift of Something Like Love to A Forgotten Boy Bander This Christmas

Guys, it’s almost the end of November, which means the Holiday season is creeping just around the corner. That’s right – in the words of Charlie Brown’s crew and/or the Vince Guaraldi Trio’s merry band of singing child-slaves, “Christmas time is (more or less) here, etc etc loo loo loo insert more words here (likely cheer or year but I’m not 100% sure)” As we all very well know (and by “we all” I mean everyone but a particularly curmudgeonly drama teacher I once had who became a whiskey-soaked recluse every year from December 24-January 2 without fail and thought it was chill to encourage his students to do the same/pity him/think he was a for reals tortured artist trapped in the banana-backed body of a high school theatre instructor, which was supposed to be cool I guess?), the holidays are about sharing joy and spreading cheer, especially to those who haven’t already become excruciatingly bored with such irritatingly intangible, upper-middle class concepts. 926 more words